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Sachiko, memories of summer

November 16, 2015

Previously shared similar photos of Akiko and Atsuko clad in summer style dresses, now it’s Sachiko’s turn.

First tried this Volks dress and cardigan set on Tsukiko, while it looked good on her, its fit was unfortunately rather loose for an M bust size Dollfie Dream so was curious to try it on Sachiko’s DDDy body.


Am quite pleased with the result, I think this Volks dress is better suited for a Dollfie Dream with ample curves. Although it would no doubt look good on a doll with the default or shapely DDDy bust, it looks great with Peach Pai thanks to their more natural shape.

Having noticed with Atsuko and Tsukiko that such type of dresses can hang rather loose underneath the chest if there is no significant stretch band sown in, used a small trick to emphasize the shape by applying a rubber band just under the bust which pinches the dress against the body.
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Hackadoll the Animation

November 13, 2015

After spotting some tweets online about “Hackadoll the Animation”, decided to give this comedy anime a try. Based on a smartphone news application, it features a group of underperfoming ‘hacka dolls’ who go on various adventures as personal entertainment AI’s but cannot seem to reach the level of excellence of their fellow dolls so hilarious hijinks ensue.

Made by studios Creators in Pack and Trigger, the production values are just alright to plain mediocre, with very basic animation and some scenes that have horrible aliasing. However, for a short running time comedy anime, am willing to overlook this if it provides decent humor and entertainment.


The main trio of hacka dolls are rather typical character templates, from the energetic leader, the busty older sister to the lazy flat-chested type, so don’t expect to see anything interesting in terms of character development. Yet, that classic trio works well enough for the typical anime comedy and gags.

Each episode has a stand-alone story and differs in terms of visual atmosphere and style, which does bring some variation. After having watched several episodes, my overall impression of “Hackadoll the Animation” is that while it is rather mediocre, its short running time of seven minutes per episode makes it worth to watch every week for a few simple laughs.

You can watch “Hackadoll the Animation” on Crunchyroll.

Heavy Object

November 9, 2015

One of the mecha action series was keen on watching this autumn season is “Heavy Object”, the anime adaptation of the “ヘヴィーオブジェクト” light novels written by Kamachi Kazuma that tells the tale of several soldiers sent on guerrilla suicide missions in a future where conventional warfare has been replaced by battles between large war machines.

Watched the first few episodes and was unfortunately disappointed by “Heavy Object”, hence decided I will not watch the rest. The overall production values by studio JC Staff are quite decent and while this anime is pretty standard, being comprised of the typical mecha action genre’s staple elements, decided to drop “Heavy Object” mostly for a different reason.


The usual technobabble and plot inconsistencies aside, “Heavy Object” disappointed me because it tries to front military action and tactical special operation actions but horrendously fails at creating any suspension of disbelief due to the incredulous nature of its battles.

While in the typical shounen hero anime this would not be so much of an issue, I simply cannot overlook it in a mecha series that tries to be serious about its recurring plot of two main characters going on suicide operations and guerrilla missions to sabotage large structures or weapons.

Even the worst tactical shooter video games on easy level dare not have such ridiculous and unbelievable infiltration or sabotage missions, such is the unrealistic nature of the battles Qwenthir and Havia get into as pseudo special forces.

If you do like mecha series you might want to give this anime a try, but be prepared for some ridiculous battle scenes.

Atsuko, memories of summer

November 6, 2015

Featuring the same location and lighting style as the photos previously shared of Akiko, here’s some summer themed photos of Atsuko clad in a halterneck once-piece dress with knit cardigan from Nine9Style.

Knew this halterneck dress would look good on Atsuko, its light red stripe pattern and white cardigan contrast nicely with her dark brown wig, plus it also works well to accentuate the lines of the Peach Pai M Plus.


Actually spent a few hours during several afternoons to photograph my Dollfie Dream in that particular spot as the natural light of the setting sun pouring in through the window blinds during that time of the year is too good to pass up on.

Still have some photos of Sachiko and Tsukiko shot in that setting with similar lighting to share someday soon as well. Am glad I spent some free time during that period to indulge in Dollfie Dream photography as lately the weather has been rather overcast.
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Upgrade to the Sony A7 Mark II

November 2, 2015
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Last November I replaced my aging Canon 450D for the Sony A7, a significant change as this was not merely a brand switch, but also a move away from a classic DSLR over to a mirrorless system and an upgrade from an APS-C crop sensor to a full-frame sensor camera.

Although the Sony A7 Mark II had already been announced back then, its starting price was rather steep so I purposely opted to purchase the original A7, taking advantage of a sizable price drop for that model and a Sony cash-back action valid at the time.

Have been very satisfied with the Sony A7, and even though switching camera came with some challenges, the Sony A7 has so many improvements over the Canon 450D I soon came to appreciate it greatly.


A few weeks ago while looking online for good 85mm prime lenses to consider for the Sony A7, saw an advertisement from the camera store I purchased my A7 at for special upgrade deals on popular models of most brands like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. This included an upgrade deal for the Sony A7 Mark II at nearly half price if you traded in an original Sony A7.

Pondered about it over for some time, was ultimately unable to resist the lure of the A7 Mark II and its key improvements like the in-body image stabilization system and improved ergonomics when available at such a lowered price. Hence, headed to the camera store this weekend and traded in my A7 for a brand new A7 Mark II.

Already snapped some photos using the A7 Mark II and appreciate the improved grip and repositioned shutter release. Considering I currently only use the Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm F/1.8 lens, the in-body image stabilization will undoubtedly come in handy as well.

One Punch Man

October 30, 2015

Originally a webcomic, “ワンパンマン” previously received a manga remake and now gets the anime treatment. Looking at the autumn season line-up it was impossible to overlook this series, it was heavily advertised and fans were rather vocal with their enthusiasm about this anime adaptation.

Although am not especially a fan of the typical shounen anime or the hero genre overall, decided to watch “One Punch Man” and was pleasantly surprised to discover how excellent this hilarious superhero parody story is. In fact, this anime might become one of the better titles this fall season.

Full of action and epic battles, “One Punch Man” is a typical shounen hero anime in many aspects, yet it becomes much more and positively stands out thanks to its parody elements and its atypical lead character.


Like countless other protagonists seen in other franchises, Saitama is a powerful hero that saves the world on repeated occasions. However, much to his frustration he gets no recognition and even worse, no adversary or evil monster can offer him an even remotely interesting fight as he wins every battle with just a single punch.

This more unique take on the superhero genre, mixed with all the other more typical comedy, over-the-top villains and usual genre tropes make “One Punch Man” an good action show overflowing with adrenaline and hilarious buzzkills as Saitama ends every fight against increasingly powerful adversaries with one punch, leading to hilarious scenes.

Will definitely watch the rest of this anime and recommend it to all who enjoy superhero action or parody shows.

Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid

October 28, 2015

A new franchise, “ヴァルキリードライヴ” will be built up from three projects: an anime, a Playstation Vita game and a mobile phone game. The franchise’s anime project, titled “Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid”, recently began to air and I decided to give it a try after reading comments online about its yuri level.

Had spotted “Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid” in the autumn season line up earlier, but its plot synopsis sounded ridiculous and suggested it would be one of those over the top action anime that would attempt to reel in viewers with cheap fanservice.


Unfortunately, my suspicions were right and was sorely disappointed in “Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid” after watching its first episode. The mediocre animation quality by studio Arms aside, this show is an unrealistic, poorly executed action series with an ridiculous plot premise filled with cheap yuri fanservice.

While there are plenty (too many?) ecchi anime full of explicit fanservice that serious viewers best steer away from, this show is but a sad addition to the yuri genre. Where one could fault playful yuri shows like “Sakura Trick” that admittedly also reel in fans with some explicit yuri scenes, the type of fanservice “Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid” offers is plain ridiculous considering the plot context.

One would be better served either watching a yuri hentai anime instead like “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi” or if you’re looking for a decent action series, pick up this season’s “One Man Punch” or “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”.


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