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Dollfie Dream photo books from Suzuhico and Azure Toy-Box

February 13, 2015

A few months ago saw a tweet from Japanese Dollfie Dream owner and photographer すずひこ about several goods they would offer for sale at an upcoming event in Japan, including a lovely looking knit poncho.

Contacted すずひこさん who was kind enough to be willing to make and sell me such a knit poncho if I would be able to wait until after the new year.


Although faced some challenges along the way, received the parcel last week with the knit poncho, but also got すずひこ‘s lovely “Dollscape -First Set-” and “Mint Condition Archives” books, as well as Azure Toy-Box‘s “Four seasons” and “Fragments of the sky” photobooks which all contain amazing Dollfie Dream themed photography.

Have always admired Azure Toy-Box and すずひこ their Dollfie Dream and landscape photography which is nothing less than awe-inspiring, so am thrilled to be able to see their photo art on paper instead of through a computer screen only, which is still a unique feeling.

You can see more of すずひこ’s photography here on Flickr or watch more of Azure Toy-Box’s work on their Flickr photostream.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

February 9, 2015

Adapted from the “暗殺教室” manga by Matsui Yuusei, the “Assassination Classroom” anime has been an excellent mix of action and comedy, with an absolutely ridiculous but nonetheless terrific core plot and main character.

Having written off “Miritari!” from my weekly anime watch list, felt I could add another show in its stead so picked “Ansatsu Kyoushitsu”, intrigued by its synopsis of an incredulously fast and powerful octopus-like creature becoming a teacher to a class of students who have to try and assassinate him before he destroys the earth a year from now.


While plenty of characters and events in “Ansatsu Kyoushitsu” are the standard fare of most action anime with a high school aged cast, the series has pleasantly surprised me by having interesting themes like bullying, class separation that are near as prominent as the core plot.

Something I also appreciate in “Assassination Classroom” is the excellent balance between its serious drama and action scenes, some of which are unexpectedly dark and brooding, offset against the comic relief and humorous shenanigans that surround Koro-sensei and his students.

This makes “Ansatsu Kyoushitsu” neither too much of a silly comedy, nor a a depressing bloody action drama, but a bit of both, alternating with quite good pacing between serious scenes and comedy scenes.

Aria the Avvenire anime and Aria Blu-ray release confirmed!

February 7, 2015

Several days ago, Mag Garden inadvertently released a webpage online announcing the production of a new Aria anime titled “Aria the Avvenire”. The publisher quickly removed the page again leaving us to speculate if the news was indeed real.

The updated Aria Company website now officially confirms that there will be an “Aria the Avvenire” anime to be screened at an event in September this year, as well as confirming that all existing Aria series will get a Blu-ray release!


While other earlier leaked details that “Aria the Avvenire” will be a four episode anime with each episode getting a theatrical release first, or the return of the voice cast from previous seasons have not been confirmed on the official website’s news page yet, the brief staff list does confirm Junichi Sato as director.

Aria is by far my favorite franchise and anime, am hence thrilled that a new anime has been confirmed and can’t wait to see “Aria the Avvenire!
Keep an eye out on the Aria Company website or the official @ARIATheAVVENIRE Twitter account for more news.

Keyhole turtleneck from Purple Dream

February 5, 2015

Received two small parcels this week with some new clothing items for my Dollfie Dream.

When the keyhole turtleneck meme (also known in Japanese as 胸開きタートルネック) was in full swing, saw photos online of some Dollfie Dream owners who had clad their dolls in such turtleneck one-piece dresses, showcasing the sexy potential of this open chested turtleneck.


Thanks to the aid of a Dollfie Dream comrade on Twitter, was lead to Purple Dream, a Korean doll fashion online shop. Decided to jump on the keyhole turtleneck bandwagon and ordered a white and a black version which should look great on a DDDy sized or Peach Pai equipped doll.

Another parcel that arrived contained two t-shirts from TTYA with a print featuring a classic Volkswagen split-window bus as well as DDDy sized blue jeans from AS, items aquired through a Dollfie Dream comrade.

New Aria the Avvenire anime announced?

February 3, 2015

Spotted a news article today that publisher Mag Garden had apparently posted a teaser page online which announced that production of a new “Aria” anime has been green-lit, although the website has since been removed.

Part of the “Ao no Curtain Call” project which celebrates 10 years since the first Aria season aired, this new anime would be titled “Aria the Avvenire”.
(Avvenire means future in Italian and is coincidentally also the title of Kozue Amano’s “Aria The Illustration: Avvenire” artbook.)


The page offered other details such as Junichi Sato, who directed the previous “Aria” series and the “Tamayura” anime, returning to direct this new anime, or also that most voice actresses will reprise their roles.

As if the news of a new Aria anime wasn’t exiting enough, they apparently also announced that the three Aria anime seasons would receive a Blu-ray release in Japan, which leads me to anxiously hope that The Right Stuff International who licensed and released Aria on DVD, will decide to release the series in Blu-ray format as well.

New Tamayura Graduation Photos anime release confirmed

January 30, 2015

After having confirmed last year that a new anime project was green-lit, the official Tamayura website has released the promotional video for the first episode of “Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~” that will be released this year. A four part series, “たまゆら~卒業写真~” will see each episode premiere in theaters before its release on Blu-ray.

The video shows Fuu and her friends as they approach their high school graduation, wondering about the future and remembering their past. Two new characters will also make their appearance, first year students Takumi and Suzune who join Fu’s high school photography club.


Love the Tamayura franchise, am hence glad to see Sato Junichi return to gift us more wonderful, heartwarming stories of these endearing girls their daily lives in an enchanting rustic Japanese town.

Can hardly wait for the first episode to be released, although we will have to be patient for a bit longer after the first theatrical release in April as the Blu-ray release itself is scheduled for May. With the fourth and final episode Blu-ray slated for April 2016, it will be a long wait to see all four episodes of “Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~”.
One thing is certain however, the wait will be more than worth it.

Aldnoah.Zero 2

January 26, 2015

One of this season’s most anticipated and advertised shows is “Aldnoah.Zero 2”, the sequel of the excellent mecha anime that aired last summer and ended with an epic finale that had viewers longing for more.

Had initially written off “Aldnoah.Zero” after its first episode, fearing it would be yet another run of the mill Gundam inspired mecha anime, but it surprised me by steadily becoming better with each episode and closing off with a season finale that stunned us all.
Was curious to see if the creators would have the guts to stick to their daring choice. After all, how many series truly write off its two main characters by having them shot dead in the season finale?


Alas, promotional material for the sequel soon suggested both Inaho and Asseylum survived, which I personally feel is a missed chance for this anime to become unique by writing off the two protagonists and shifting all attention to the antagonists.
Am certain “Aldnoah.Zero 2” still has plenty of good surprises in store for us, but cannot shake the sensation its creators let an extraordinary opportunity go by.

In fact, “Aldnoah.Zero 2” increasingly reminds me of “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2” which while it was an excellent, far above average show with some terrific writing for its main characters and a moving finale, it still failed to achieve its full potential.

Still, wholeheartedly recommend this anime to anyone as it will no doubt become one of the better mecha series of these past few years.
You can watch “Aldnoah.Zero 2” on Crunchyroll.


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