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Maria†Holic first episode streamed

December 28, 2008

Anticipating the start of the “Maria†Holic” (まりあ†ほりっく) anime series on January 4th, the website is currently streaming the first episode. (To view the streamed episode, which is in Japanese, registration is required at )

Based on the “Maria†Holic” manga by Minari Endo, it is a romantic school comedy that revolves around Kanako Miyamae, a young girl who enters an all-girls school since she has a phobia of men and hopes to meet the girl of her dreams there. On her first day there she encounters the beautiful Mariya Shidou, but her enchantment quickly turns into dread when she discovers Mariya is actually a cross-dressing boy with a sadistic streak.


Since it was advertised as a yuri series, with Kanako being in search of a female partner, I was immediately interested and decided to check out the first episode. Well it certainly did not disappoint, it was a real comedic treat and I will be picking up this series.

Had some great laughs which came mostly from situational humor and the characters. This first episode introduces us to the main cast with Kanako’s arrival at her new school and we follow her there as she meets Matsurika, Mariya, Ishima and Ryouchou-sensei.
Kanako’s reactions were a real hoot, her innocent demeanor is offset by her lesbian tendencies which take her off into inner fantasies or even lead to an explosive bloodnose at seeing Matsurika’s exposed bra. Mariya’s near dual personality was quite something, the transition from refined young lady to sadistic man is so sudden it provides ample laughs and always gives you a start, seeing the innocent looking Mariya act and speak as a brutish man. Though the maid Matsurika wasn’t bad either with her spicy verbal jabs.


However, I’m not fond of sadistic or mean characters, so if Mariya’s sadistic streak proves too much, I might drop the series. Still, if the series continues with the same tone and atmosphere, I’m sure it’ll have a great run.

The animation is by Shaft which shows straight away in the unique visual style that is the signature trademark of Shaft. I must say that for this episode and with the many chibi scenes, their style lent itself well to the themes and they do approach the typical refined yuri school girl atmosphere with the pastel like painting renditions of the characters during some scenes.
Visual quality and resolution wasn’t too great though with it being a streamed episode, but no doubt the broadcast version will be just fine.

With its comedy elements this yuri series might prove to be a nice contrast to “Maria-sama Ga Miteru” (マリア様がみてる) which will have it’s fourth series airing this same season.

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  1. sheentaku permalink
    December 28, 2008 5:09 pm

    I really enjoyed the first episode, i do agree that it has that unique shaft style.

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