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Tony Taka C75 doujin “Botan Nabe”

January 6, 2009

At the recent Comiket 75, Tony Taka released a “Clannad” themed doujin titled “Botan Nabe”. As usual for Tony’s Comiket doujin releases it includes multiple full page color artworks followed by a small (hentai) doujin story in black and white.

Like the doujin story, most of the color illustrations feature the girls from “Clannad”, but here are artworks of other girls as well. In fact, those additional color artworks include several yuri themed ones that are absolutely delicious as you can see in below example.

Tony Taka definitely is one of my favorite artists, I love his signature style and how he is able to create such sublime artwork.

Especially how he can render girls in a state of undress, always done in such a way that the lust and sensuality oozes from the pages, even from details in the pose, facial expression, eyes… yet his art also remains tasteful and never becomes vulgar.


So far I only own the “Shining Tears Collection of Visual Materials” and “Shining Wind Collection of Visual Materials” books in my artbook collection, which feature Tony Taka’s art creations for the “Shining Tears” and “Shining Wind” games. Do recommend those to fans of his work, his art of Blanc Neige, Kureha, Mao or Elwing is fabulous.

Have not thought of trying to buy his doujins from Japan, I figure the cost per issue may be a bit high. I would really love to see a collected artworks artbook featuring Tony’s best doujin full page color artworks published someday, I’d definitely get it!

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  1. komusumesuki permalink
    January 19, 2009 3:34 am

    apparently all of Taka’s girl have a common underlying model framework, i think once he cameup with a superhot master model, he stick with it, then applies it to everything. I just love his rendition, his version of every character.


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