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Candy☆Boy episode 5

January 15, 2009

Cuddled close together under an umbrella in the darkness while thick snowflakes fall from the pitch black skies, Kanade and Yukino talk about how happy they are just by being able to be together. Nearby, their younger sister Shizuka is building snowmen whose shape resemble Sakuya. Yukino questions Kanade about the meaning of ‘puni puni’ and ‘gami gami’, onomatopoeia she saw in a manga.

Suddenly the landscape shifts to a vast grass field basking in the summer sunshine and Yukino has somehow transformed into a kitsune eared chibi. Kanade offers the kitsune Yukino some snacks, but she refuses them, opting instead to suckle on Kanade’s finger.


With a jolt Kanade awakens, wondering why she had such an odd dream. Her question is soon answered, Yukino is really sucking on her finger and is wearing pajamas that have a fox eared hood.

Getting up to prepare for their day at school, they get into a playful fight over an embarrassing video Kanade had made of Yukine using her cell phone, which soon has them both out on the bed with Kanade on top of Yukine. When another girl enters and sees the two sisters like that, she closes the door again with an exasperated expression, but not before calling them ‘バカップル’.

Studying together with Yukino at school, Kanade soon finds herself the unwilling target of Sakuya’s new cellphone camera. Throwing her strawberry milk away as a diversion, Kanade successfully sends Sakuya off racing after the drink pack.

Later that day, when they’re about to head home, Kanade asks Yukino to go on ahead alone as she has some shopping to do. Wanting to tag along, Yukino makes Kanade reveal her real intentions, she wanted to go shopping to buy some Valentine’s Day chocolate to surprise Yukino. Touched by Kanade’s feelings, Yukino expresses her gratitude.

Back at the dorm the two try to make plans for Valentine’s Day and chocolate shopping but are facing packed schedules due to tests and Kanade’s art assignments. Kanade even proposes that Yukino model for her so they can save some time.


On Valentine’s Day, Kanade dreads the predator-like approach of Sakuya but luckily Yukine is able to send Sakuya off with her usual flair. She gives Sakuya what she claims to be Kanade’s very own pillow, but it’s actually the one Yukine had previously bought and spilled an egg on.

The two sisters spend their Valentine’s Day afternoon at a fancy hotel’s restaurant, thanks to Yukine using the coupon she had previously received from Sakuya for an exclusive chocolate desert, which she actually wants to give to Kanade. When Kanade proposes they share the exquisite desert, Yukine scoops up some of the chocolate on her finger, wondering if Kanade will eat it. Although shy at first, Kanade eats the chocolate off Yukine’s finger and says it’s delicious.
Yukine reveals there’s supposed to be a gorgeous chapel there and the two close off their Valentine date visiting the chapel while holding hands.

Any drop of blood that was not ejected with great velocity from my nose at seeing the cute chibi kitsune eared Yukino, was soon lost during the final scenes when the two have their Valentine chocolate desert and Kanade sucks the chocolate from Yukine’s finger. Kanade’s shyness towards affectionate gestures as always is so moe, while she holds as much affection and desire as Yukine, she’s always more reluctant to admit it.

After the previous episodes that were more serious, this one offers a definitely lighter and more comedic tone, although the latter half is very romantic.
I adored this episode, it’s absolutely great and has that genuine “Candy☆Boy” aura they manage to capture every episode. For an original net anime that’s usually attached to a music single, “Candy☆Boy” excels with every episode bringing a relatively serious topic of two sisters in love in a terrific way.

You can watch the entire “Candy☆Boy” episode on Nico Nico douga.

Don’t know how many of you have watched “Candy☆Boy” but this series is definitely worth watching, not only for those who like yuri or shoujo-ai, but it’s a very romantic and heart-warming series with some great comedic moments as well. Nico Nico douga still has all the previous episodes available for viewing.

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