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Maria-sama Ga Miteru 4th season episode 3

January 17, 2009

Picking up right where the previous episode left off at Lillian’s school festival, Sachiko tells Yumi to make herself a petite sœur, much to Yumi’s shock. The following days, Sachiko’s sudden statement continues to unsettle Yumi, who is content with simply remaining Sahciko’s petite sœur and hadn’t thought of getting her own petite sœur yet.

Yoshino suggests they hold an audition for the first year students where they can select a petite sœur, since there currently still is only one first year petite sœur in the Yamayuri, Noriko. Supportive of the idea, Sachiko tells Yumi to also find a petite sœur at the audtion if she hasn’t planned on making either Touko or Kanako her petite sœur. Trying to object, Yumi’s protests fall on deaf ears so she gives in exasperated and announces she’ll search for a petite sœur.


Hearing about Yoshino’s sudden urge to find a petite sœur, Sei questions Yoshino’s motivation and her suspicions are only aggravated when Yoshino exclaims she must have a petite sœur by the next kendo club match.
When pressured, Yoshino reveals that when she had met with the former Rosa Foetida, Eriko, during the athletics festival, Eriko had been teasing her about not having a petite sœur, so Yoshino had ended up blurting out she would introduce her petite sœur to Eriko next time they meet.

News of the audtion spreads fast among the students and after enlisting the aid of Mami from the school’s newspaper club, the Yamayuri organizes subscriptions for first year students to enter the petite sœur audition. After a few days entrance subscriptions start coming in, but Yumi and Yoshino are rather disappointed at reading the shallow motivations some of the students wrote down on the forms.
Noriko expresses her concern about Touko to Yumi, but Yumi seems oblivious to notice that Noriko is trying to tell her the whole situation may be troubling for Touko.

With the first year’s gossiping about the audtion, part of the buzz is about Touko, who since long had wanted to become a member of the Yamayuri and was thought to be Yumi’s prime petite sœur candidate since the two seemed to spend a lot of time together when Touko helped out at the Yamayuri council.
Speaking to Touko, Noriko asks her what she thinks of Yumi, to which Touko retorts that Yumi is a busybody that’s popular among the first years, but her facial expression betrays her true feelings. Noriko thinks that Touko wants to become Yumi’s petite sœur, but that does not go over well with Touko, it seems the audition and gossip about her that comes with it are taking their toll.

Fruitlessly trying to once again bring attention to Touko’s situation to Yumi and the others, Noriko seems increasingly burdened by it as well. Confiding in Shimako, Noriko soon starts to cry. Having previously noticed her own petite sœur’s distress, Shimako dries away Noriko’s tears with her handkerchief and says Noriko is crying simply because she cares deeply about Touko.


The next day Kanako visits the Rose mansion to speak to Yumi. Kanako reveals that her relationship with her family has greatly improved, for which she wants to convey her feelings of gratitude to Yumi and the Yamayuri for making it possible. Happy seeing Kanako’s life has improved, Yumi suggests they get their picture taken together, something she had promised to do during the athletics festival should her class have lost to Kanako’s class. Yumi thinks to herself that while Kanako will not become her petite sœur, she has gained a precious friend.

As the day of the audtion nears, Sachiko meets with Touko and Noriko, questioning why Touko is not entering the audition. Exclaiming that even though to her it does not matter who becomes Yumi’s petite sœur, Sachiko is curious as to Touko’s motivation, suggesting she’s been wondering for a while now what happened to Touko’s usual strength and courage.
Remaining at Touko’s side, Noriko says she gives up on having Touko join the audition and tears up the subscription form she held in her hands.

At their respective locations, Yumi and Touko both look up at the sky with a melancholic expression.

Well, Kanako has been definitely written off as a possible petite sœur for Yumi, but it was done in a satisfactory manner and follow-up from last week’s revelations about her family affairs.
Though it looks like the petite sœur woes are far from over. Seeing the preview for next week, I think they may spend more episodes on who will become Yumi’s petite sœur, so Touko’s plight is not over yet.

In fact, I think they’re making it more interesting by now having a plot where Touko’s own desire to join the Yamayuri come back to haunt her, having to face the constant gossiping behind her back. It not only makes her character more three dimensional, explaining her tsun tsun attitude, but also puts her more in contrast to Yumi’s own character.
Add to that the marvelous similarity of Yumi’s predicament to that of Sachiko a year earlier when she was forced to find a petite sœur and this episode offers very nice character and story development, most of which is subtle or subdued, in typical “Maria-sama ga Miteru” style.

It was also nice to see Noriko get some more attention, and while Sahciko and Rei are still present and seem to know their own petite sœurs through and through, they are becoming more busy with their studies and seem to want to ensure that Yumi and Yoshino will be fine and have a supportive petite sœur of their own once they’ll graduate from Lillian.

The preview for next week suggests we may see a cute petite sœur candidate appear so I’m anxious to see what she’ll be like and how it will all progress.

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