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Maria†Holic episode 3

January 22, 2009

With Kanako’s school bag degraded to the trash can after it was stuffed with seaweed, Mariya gives her a new bag to use. Pleasantly surprised at Mariya’s kindness, Kanako opens the bag only to quickly zip it closed again when she notices a creepy creature inside.
Questioned by Kanako about the creature in it, Mariya gives her nothing but incoherent, false hints which send Kanako’s mind off into an endless loop of thoughts.

Matsurika then cuts in saying Kanako shouldn’t take Mariya’s jokes seriously and make such a fuss so early in the morning, the maid proceeds to swiftly smash books into the bag after which the creature no longer seems to stir.


Resigned to her new school bag’s rather exotic content, Kanako takes her rosary and prepares to set off to class. Featuring a large cross intricately decorated with gems, it is a gift she received when she was young, Kanako figures that since she’s now at a mission school she may as well use it.
However, she’s halted by Mariya who tells her that it isn’t a real rosary but just a normal accessory since its chain lacks the signature beads of a rosary. Wearing normal jewelry is prohibited at Ame No Kiseki, so Kanako will not be allowed to wear it at school.

Mariya takes out her own rosary to show Kanako what a real one is like and offers it to her, but not before stressing how valuable and irreplaceable it is. Hesitant at first, Kanako is unable to resist Mariya’s pleading face and accepts the rosary.
After Kanako’s departure to class, Matsurika questions why Mariya would give such a prized possession to Kanako, but Mariya brushes it off. Matsurika does notice how strikingly similar both crosses are.

In class Kanako is soon greeted by the sight of a huge blob of gelatinous fish waste stuffed in her desk. Quick to link this to the seaweed that had been put in her bag the day before and Mariya’s story that all the former roommates of Ryuuken had been bullied in a similar fashion with fish and other sea products, she suspects the same culprit may now be after her because she had been in contact with Ryuuken.
While Kanako puzzles over that, Sachi notices Mariya’s rosary and says that it must be worth a fortune since it holds a rare alexandrite stone, which change color depending on the light.

Having forgotten to secure the rosary during gym class, Kanako heads back to class but surprises three of her classmates as they were trying to stuff something in her bag. Caught in the act, they start bullying Kanako for being involved with Ryuuken and when they spot her holding Mariya’s rosary they get more aggressive, even resorting to throwing the rosary out of the window. Panicked, Kanako frantically runs outside to look for it. While her bullies were mean and devious, they were not so daring as to throw away one of Mariya’s possessions, so they made a feint and hadn’t thrown out the rosary.


Searching the grass lot near the classroom window, Kanako is unable to find the rosary and is soon soaked to the bone when a downpour starts. As the heavy raindrops continue to fall, tears start to stream down Kanako’s cheeks, this isn’t how she had imagined her school life would be like at Ame No Kiseki.
Having observed everything from afar, Kiri steps in and returns the rosary to Kanako. Back in class the three bullies try to apologize to Kanako but still give her a hard time. Kiri intervenes, telling them there is no need to be jealous of Kanako as there is nothing going on between Kanako and Ryuuken, because she is the one who is going out with Kanako, and not Ryuuken.

Barely catching her breath from the shock of Kiri’s sudden declaration that they are dating, Kanako is approached by Ryuuken who fears that Kanako may have been bullied because of her. Even though Kanako tries to reassure her, Ryuuken says that she has made her decision and proudly declares that she will protect Kanako from now on.

Kiri claims they’re going out together, Ryuuken vows to protect her and Mariya that keeps watch over her at every possible moment, it seems Kanako’s in for exciting times! Though it’s probably not the excitement that she has been dreaming of.

An excellent episode, especially the latter half with Kiri and Ryuuken each making such sudden, bold declarations made me laugh quite a bit.
Though it is not surprising to see Kanako seems to be at the center of attention, there’s plenty of scenes where we’re treated to Kanako fanservice or where her cute side is shown off. Next to the irresistible Mariya, Kanako is quite cute. As proof one need only have one look at Kanako in the school’s gym uniform, how lovely she looks in those bloomers.

I like how “Maria†Holic” is remixing traditional yuri elements and using them in such a way that it makes a terrific school comedy but doesn’t make a farce of the genre either.
The implicit reference to “Maria-sama ga Miteru” when Kanako talked about her rosary was a nice one.

Definitely a hit for me so far, I hope it keeps up like this and I can’t wait to see what they will have in store for us next episode.
Who will Kanako end up together with? Let the speculation begin!

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