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Maria†Holic episode 4

January 27, 2009

Having sweet dreams of Kiri’s sudden declaration that they are dating, Ryuuken vowing to protect her, followed by both girls feeding her tofu and seaweed from a nabe meal they are sharing, Kanako awakens to the sight of Mariya dressed in a cute maid uniform. Unable to contain her happiness, Kanako has an explosive blood nose but is harshly drawn back into reality by Matsurika.

Puzzled, Kanako questions Mariya’s sudden maid attire only to hear it’s all for fanservice… or simply due to Mariya’s hobby of cosplaying in such attire as Matsurika rather has us believe.


It seems that Ryuuken’s promise to protect Kanako is already causing trouble, as Ryuuken stood guard all night outside Kanako and Mariya’s room, complete with katana and hakama outfit. Mariya is concerned that this may lead to her secret being exposed and mean more trouble for Kanako.
She’s not far off, seeing even though the students that previously openly bullied Kanako are now polite to her in appearance, they don’t miss an opportunity to trample her, shove her aside, all to get Kanako away from Ryuuken.

In class, Kanako soon receives a cold shower when Kiri states they aren’t lovers like Kanako was assuming. When questioned why she had said to the others that the two of them are dating, Kiri explains it was simply to get Kanako out of a pinch, since their teacher had asked her to take care of Kanako if she was in trouble, and Kiri was simply holding true to that promise.

But Kanako’s troubles don’t stop there, decided to follow the path of the warrior and protecting Kanako, Ryuuken decides to stand guard next to her in class, forcing their teacher Kumagai to chase her from the classroom back to her own class. This only increases the anger and jealousy of Ryuuken’s many admirers and Kanako soon ends up in the infirmary.

Back in the student dorm that evening, only Ryouchou’s frightening words succeed in driving Ryuuken off, but to Mariya’s despair, Ryuuken returns and decides to sleep over in their room. Kanako asks Ryuuken why she’s going through such lengths to protect her, Ryuuken explains that years ago she used to have a cat and a dog, but her cat was so jealous of the dog it eventually forced it out of the house which broke her heart.


The next day Kanako confesses to Kiri that the whole situation with Ryuuken is troubling, after which Kiri goes off to talk to Ryuuken. Observing from afar, Kanako is flabbergasted when Ryuuken suddenly apologizes and scurries off with beet red cheeks. Kiri reveals she merely told Ryuuken that by sticking so close to Kanako, she prevented her and Kanako from being together in private as lovers. When Kanako asks Kiri why she would again go so far without seeming to caring what others think of her, Kiri retorts she’s simply fulfilling her promise. Kanako has trouble accepting this explanation and blurts out that Kiri is being strange, but Kiri brushes her concerns aside.

The episode ends with a small scene of Mariya, Matsurika and Kanako sharing a tofu and seaweed nabe. With Mariya in her maid attire, putting forth her cutest face, Kanako’s blood levels drop to dangerous depths and she is unable to hold it in any longer when Mariya exclaims she’ll do anything Kanako desires. However Kanako is soon jerked from her sugarcoated dream when she remembers that Mariya is really a boy and consequently breaks out in hives after Mariya touches her.

Another great episode, filled with tons of laughs at Kanako’s expense, and unlike before, it usually wasn’t due to Mariya’s sadistic tendencies.

The whole plot with Ryuuken protecting her was comical, even the background reason of Ryuuken having lost one of her pets before as she didn’t protect it from being bullied felt rather comical than anything else.
In contrast, the plot with Kiri helping Kanako to great lengths simply because she was asked by their teacher to help Kanako feels deeper, more mysterious since Kiri’s motives and reasons don’t seem as shallow as Kiri makes them out to be. I’m curious to see what direction they will be taking with her character.

Though I’d love to see more cosplay Mariya in the next episode, she didn’t really appear all that much this week.


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