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Maria-sama Ga Miteru 4th season episode 5

January 31, 2009

Studying hard for upcoming finals, the girls of the Yamayuri council ponder if they shouldn’t do something fun and relaxing during the finals’ break.
Sachiko suggests going to an amusement park and much to Yumi’s delight, she wants to go together with her petite sœur Yumi, just the two of them.

On the morning of their date, Yumi hurries to the train station early only to find Sachiko is already waiting for her there.
Unable to sleep due to her excitement about their date, Sachiko got up quite early and had to brush off her family’s requests to be driven to the amusement park. Instead, she wanted to experience traveling there by train together with Yumi, since it seemed to her that it would be a nice memory to share.


Arriving at the amusement park the girls are surprised to see Suguru and Yuki waiting for them at the entrance. While Yumi’s unsure what’s going on, Sachiko asks Suguru why he still came even though she had previously denied his request to escort her today.
Suguru retorts he’s just there with Yuki to have fun at the amusement park by themselves, and that Sachiko mustn’t pay them any attention if she so desires. Sachiko is content with that and tells Yumi they will just go on with their date and not bother or hang out with Suguru and Yuki.

The two girls have a terrific time together enjoying the different rides and animations at the park. Near lunchtime, Sachiko spots the two boys and suggests Yuki keeps her company while Suguru takes Yumi along in one of the more frightening roller coaster rides, for she herself isn’t much up to it.
Afterwards all four have lunch together and Sachiko teases Yumi and Suguru how they seemed rather scared in the roller coaster.

Parting ways with the boys, Yumi and Sachiko continue to enjoy the sights and animations but to Yumi’s horror, Sachiko suddenly collapses. Suguru rushes to the scene and helps Sachiko to a bench where she can rest.
Seeing Yumi’s concern, he explains that Sachiko’s health hasn’t been that good and she’s quickly overcome with fatigue when in such public places surrounded by many unknown people, and that they best call it a day. Sachiko interrupts that’s she’s fine now, however Suguru says it isn’t for her sake but for their own, as they don’t want to be worried that they are further exhausting Sachiko and that they can come back another time.


Driving home in Suguru’s car, Sachiko is fast asleep on the backseat with Yumi holding her hand tightly. Yumi wonders why she hadn’t noticed Sachiko’s peril. Back at Sachiko’s house, while their family doctor visits Sachiko, Suguru teases Yumi but the two end up having a serious conversation.
Yumi is unable to understand why even though they’re fiancés by arrangement and Suguru does love Sachiko, he doesn’t want to marry her. Suguru explains that while he does love Sachiko there’s many types of love, also when it comes to loving people, one can love different people in different ways. Suguru tells her she shouldn’t see him as an enemy competing with her for Sachiko’s love.

As Sachiko goes to bed by doctor’s orders, Yumi visits her bedside. In tears, Yumi still feels she lost against Suguru since she hadn’t noticed Sachiko feeling unwell and because there’s still things she didn’t know about her precious grande sœur.
Sachiko comforts Yumi, saying there’s so many things Yumi does and means to her that Suguru can not, for instance, what Sachiko desires most is to see Yumi’s smile or have her near, like when Yumi tightly held her hand in the car.
The girls promise to go out and have fun again soon.

A more mellow and heart warming episode that focused on Yumi and Sachiko’s relationship, showing that regardless of their different backgrounds and personalities they compliment each other well, and can still discover new things about each other.

Quite unlike “Maria-sama Ga Miteru” to have chibi character scenes but I enjoyed them. Since they sprouted from Sachiko’s imagination it also emphasized Sachiko’s playful and innocent side, helping to give her less of a distant noble lady image.

No less than three obvious Pizza Hut advertisement placements in this episode, that’s quite a lot. But if we can continue enjoying anime only if there’s occasional product placement, then I guess we’ll have to accept that, though I hope it never takes on exaggerated proportions.

From the preview it looks like the next episode will tie in with this one and focus on Touko visiting Yumi’s house.
Pajama party sleep-over with pillow fight? I can only hope~

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