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Tasuku Iizuki “Queen’s Gate” Iroha artbook

February 6, 2009

“Queen’s Gate” is an alternate version of the”Queen’s Blade” visual book based combat game from Hobby Japan. It includes female characters from different other popular games or anime, like Nijihara Ink from “Moetan” or Alice from NitroPlus. Each book focuses one of the characters in the game and contains plenty of full page color illustrations.


This particular book, “Queen’s Gate – On wo Kae”su Mono Iroha” (クイーンズゲイト 恩を返す もの いろは), features Iroha from “Samurai Spirits“ and is illustrated by Tasuku Iizuki (唯々月たすく, homepage nsfw) whose art I adored ever since I came across some of his single illustrations quite some time ago.

He creates sublime artwork, lovely style which resembles Tony Taka’s a bit in aspect of the sensual atmosphere that surrounds the female characters, but he uses more lively colors and clearly has a different recognizable signature style.

If you fancy purchasing the book, it’s available from several online stores, including HobbyLink Japan.


Next to illustrations, Tasuku Iizuki also created the “” and “Xea-Noa” doujins as well the art for the eroge “Temptation H” and “Hobo-san to Issho! ~Futago to Dekirumon!~“.

Will try and share some more of his great artwork images later, including scans of “The art of Tasuku Iizuki” book of which I have yet to acquire a non-digital copy.

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  1. February 8, 2009 5:15 pm

    The Queens Gate/Blade Books are really nice.I wish i could understand how to play with them.Until then i just have to drool over the pictures^^

    Btw: Ive read on DC that you wanna improve your german a bit?If you feel like having a chat contact me.Ill be glad to help

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