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Maria-sama Ga Miteru 4th season episode 6

February 7, 2009

At home, Yumi is thinking back on how Sachiko fell ill during their visit to the amusement park, but is pulled from her reverie when an image of Touko crying flashes in her mind. She receives a phone call from Suguru telling her that Touko ran away from home after a heated argument with her family.
Worried, Yumi ponders if she should call around but is soon shocked when her brother returns home accompanied by none other than Touko.

Invited to stay over for dinner, Touko is asked to wait in Yumi’s room. Hearing she’d be the first to visit Yumi’s room that not even Sachiko has seen yet, Touko is reluctant but soon dragged along by Yumi.


Asked if she’s been walking around all day in the cold, Touko says she has and was about ready to give up and return home.
Yumi notices Touko isn’t her usual confident and outspoken self, it looks like she’s crying on the inside. Yumi had instinctively moved to hug Touko but is interrupted when her mother calls out. After enjoying a carefree dinner with Yumi’s family, Touko is taken home by Suguru.

In the meantime, Rei visits Sachiko, confessing how she has been feeling anxious, not only because she will soon graduate and leave Yoshino behind to possibly attend a university further away, but also at Yoshino having found a potential petite sœur in Nana.
Sachiko comforts Rei, saying not to worry as such, and that she herself has decided to attend Lillian’s university division to be able to remain closer to Yumi.

When Suguru comes by her house the next day, Yumi asks if he knows what’s wrong with Touko’s family situation and if he could tell her. Suguru refuses, telling Yumi that she should think it over again first, and only if she is really willing to accept knowing the painful truth behind Touko’s situation, at that time will he reveal to her what he knows.

The next day at the Rose mansion, Yoshino wonders how she could get Nana to attend the Yamayuri council’s Christmas party and suggests to Yumi that they also invite Touko and Kanako, which would allow her to bring along Nana.
When Yumi asks Noriko if she’d invite Touko and Kanako for her, Noriko bluntly refuses, stating that if it’s Yumi’s desire, she should invite them herself. Defusing the tense situation between the girls, Shimako steps in saying they’ll all head out to invite Touko and Kanako.


Kanako already has plans though and Touko seems reluctant. Noticing Touko’s rather depressed expression, Kanako says they’ll both still drop by at the Rose mansion before heading home so they will be able to attend for a short time.
As the girls take their leave, Yumi realizes not only that Touko is suffering, but that she herself is desiring more and more to embrace Touko and comfort her.

Last week’s preview had led me to assume this would be a more humorous interlude episode focused on Touko visiting Yumi’s house in a leisurely fashion or as a sleepover party. While that would have been great, this episode turned out quite different but was actually terrific with a lot of plot build up and character evolution, mainly for Touko but also for Sachiko, Rei, Noriko,….
Like the way they’re showing us how the different character’s relationships are evolving. With the approaching graduation of Sachiko and Rei ahead, how this affects them knowing they’ll soon be separated from their petite sœurs, how Yumi and Yoshino are worried about seeing their grande sœur leave Lillian stands in contrast to their developing bonds with their own potential petite sœurs, Touko and Nana.

The scene between Sachiko and Rei was a nice touch and surprising as well, Sachiko being so open and close shows Rei is a dear friend to her with whom she shares the same anxiousness regarding the fate of their petite sœurs.

Especially Touko’s background and character was well fleshed out this week, the reason behind her behavior and mannerisms become more clear to us now, with the surprising revelation of how beneath her assertive facade lies a fragile heart. Touko’s really winning me over, starting to adore her. おもち帰りい!

Seeing Yumi finally open her eyes to Touko’s hidden plights and pain underneath, realizing she worries and wants to embrace Touko to shelter her crying heart was a great moment. It gives me renewed confidence the whole story of how Touko becomes Yumi’s petite sœur will be a great one with some nice drama and lots of emotion behind it.

Laughed a lot too though, for the scene after Suguru called Yumi was hilarious, Yumi’s mother is a real hoot.

Next week’s preview shows the Christmas party and some more emotional scenes to come.

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