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Gofu “Maria†Holic” sketches

February 11, 2009

Known primarily for pencil art sketches, Gofu has created several “Maria†Holic” sketches these past weeks and they look quite gorgeous as you can see in below sketches of Nanami Kiri and Ryouchou-sensei.


Discovered Gofu’s sketches by chance on an image board and liked them straight away. Always had a penchant for such pencil art, there’s an ephemeral beauty in how artists can create great pieces of art filled with emotion, realism, shades and depth with just carefully placed pencil strokes and its styling is a nice contrast to fully colored artworks.

Typical for Gofu’s sketches is the frame-like, focused orientation, very seldom do you see full body illustrations but nearly always facial close-up sketches.

Personally like both pencil art and fully colored artworks a great deal, but there’s something special about pencil art as well compared to the full color painted or digitally rendered ones.


Some artists are able to create pencil art that has its own specific atmosphere and adds something unique to the characters they draw that way. Artist Jan Duursema can create sublime pencil art too, will show you her art sometime soon.

You can find more of Gofu’s sketch art on different image boards like e-shuushuu or at the artist’s official website, where the diary is often updated with new sketches.
I’m a fan of such pencil art and will keep an eye on Gofu’s creations, lovely work!

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