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Gofu “Maria-sama Ga Miteru” sketches

February 15, 2009

Previously wrote about artist Gofu’s “Maria†Holic” sketches, but it seems Gofu also recently created a few “Maria-sama Ga Miteru” pencil art sketches.

Especially this sketch of Touko is absolutely gorgeous, love her expression in it..
When Touko first appeared back in the second season I wasn’t very much taken in by her, but she’s really grown on me this past season, she’s so cute and moe! Touko-chan~


The previous episode of “Maria-sama Ga Miteru” was quite a thrill with Yumi asking Touko to become her petite sœur but shockingly being turned down. I’m anxious to see what Touko’s reasons are and the source of her distress is, though I doubt Yumi will give up on her, everything will porbably turn out well between the two of them.

Also like this sketch of Yumi with her hair down, don’t see Yumi portrayed like that in the anime series often and even less in “Maria-sama Ga Miteru” artworks you see around the net, so it’s nice to see this rendering of her in that style.


Was wondering if they’d permanently change her hairstyle to a more serious do like this, seeing her twin tails aren’t very lady-like, seeing she’ll be a Rose after Sachiko graduates and she’s being put forth a bit as the inspirational leading voice of the three en boutons.

Gofu’s below sketch of Arima Nana is also quite nice. Wonder if we’ll see much more of Nana the rest of this season.


From the previous episode it’s suggested she and Yoshino get along well, especially with Yoshino considering making Nana her petite sœur. I’m curious to see more of her and her relationship with Yoshino as I haven’t felt there was that much chemistry between or a rapport between them.

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