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Maria†Holic episode 8

February 24, 2009

Their room dimly lit by a single candle, a puzzled Kanako asks why Mariya is singing so late at night. Mariya retorts she’s rehearsing for the upcoming religious festival held at Ame No Kisaki dedicated to the Virgin Mary, irritated that Kanako is clueless about it.

Asking her friends about it the next day in class, Kanako learns little that makes sense, causing her confusion to only increase. Kiri intersects that Kanako should become knowledgeable about it because as class representative, she will have to participate in the organization.


Meeting at the assembly room, the student council president Ayari instructs all the student representatives on their tasks and assigns Ryuuken, Kanako and Mariya as head representatives for their respective years.

Uncertain about what she’s to do, Kanako asks the student body president Ayari to teach her about the festival. Surprised, Ayari questions Kanako why she simply doesn’t ask her roommate Mariya about it, but immediately follows up it must be too embarrassing for a senior like Kanako to ask the younger Mariya about such things.
Kanako confirms this, even though her real motive for not asking Mariya is that she knows all too well Mariya would just verbally abuse her for her ignorance.

Pondering about the rivalry she had noticed earlier between Mariya and Ayari, Kanako blurts out if the student council president actually dislikes Mariya.
Surprised, Ayari denies and says they’re actually childhood friends and that she will tell Kanako all about the festival the next day, as she’s currently too busy with student council duties.
Walking away Ayari thinks to herself that she doesn’t dislike Mariya, but actually really hates her for all the things Mariya put her through when they were younger.

Unable to contain her joy of meeting again with Ayari, Kanako’s actions confuse her classmates, making Sachi wonder if Kanako is actually just lonely since she often seems to get weak in the knees around other girls (which she does, though not for the reason Sachi believes).
Worried, Sachi says she likes Kanako and will be there for her. In her own typical fashion Kanako misinterprets this and nearly elopes with Sachi, saying they’ll be happy together. A full force slap to the face from Yuzuru jerks her back to reality though.

Happily trotting off to her rendezvous with Ayari, Kanako’s venture into seventh heaven is brought to a sudden halt when she’s struck down by a basketball that nails her right against the head. Looking on from a side window, the culprit Matsurika seems to be pleased by her own performance.


Seeing Kanako lying on the floor bleeding, the student body president Ayari and the vice president Matsuru rush her to the infirmary. With Kanako forced to recuperate in an infirmary bed, Ayari and Matsuru take the chance to answer any of her questions about the Virgin Mary festival.
To her shame, Kanako confesses that she knows nothing about it for she isn’t a catholic. Ayari assures Kanako this isn’t an issue as most students at Ame No Kisaki aren’t catholic and only know the basics anyway.
This leads Kanako to ask what those students do when praying if they’re not catholic, to which Ayari declares even if one doesn’t believe in God, praying is the ideal time to reflect on the wonderful things in life such as family and friends.

Later that evening, feeling inspired by Ayari’s positive views, Kanako asks Mariya to teach her the song she was practicing the night before. To Kanako’s shock, Mariya refuses, saying it’d be too much of a hassle to teach her.

A very nice episode, the humor was sharper and had a lot more of those quick verbal deliveries than the previous episode. Liked how they explored more of Ayari and Mariya’s past too.

With Kanako asking Ayari if she hated Mariya, and later asking Mariya to teach her that song, I can’t shake the impression Kanako is thinking more and more of Mariya, increasingly holding her dear in her heart.
Does Mariya feel the same? We shall have to wait and see! As it is, I’m all for a Kanako and Mariya pairing. The sadistic cross-dresser and the perverted lesbian, they’d make such a hilariously dysfunctional couple.

Young chibi Mariya was the cutest! From the flashbacks of their youth, seems Mariya and Shizu were already cross-dressing at a young age. Not sure that rhymes with the competition imposed by their grandmother though that was mentioned a few episodes ago.

Looking forward to the next episode!

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  1. kagami permalink
    February 25, 2009 10:17 am

    Thanks for the fast review, I already saw the raws yesterday but couldn’t understand a thing so thanks for this. Chibi!Mariya is so adorable so damn cute! MariyaXMatsurika for the win!

  2. Smithy permalink*
    February 25, 2009 6:36 pm

    This episode was a hard one indeed, watched it three times just to get most basics of it and had to do some research and conjecture.

    Only my third year of Japanese evening class so it’s still pretty tough at times. But watching raws helps and practice makes perfect!

    Glad you like the recap. ^^

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