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More “Maria†Holic” sketches by Gofu

February 25, 2009

Saw artist Gofu created some more “Maria†Holic” sketches.

Particularly adore this sketch of Mariya, it’s really excellent and perfectly captures the essence of Mariya’s character.
Beneath the irresistibly cute appearance of her seemingly innocent smile, lies the naughty, sadistic personality pondering what she can unleash next on her victim.


So cute… はなじ -Kanako style- inducing?

Really adore those pencil art type sketches. The following two by Gofu are terrific as well.

This sketch of Yuzuru is quite nice, likely from episode seven where she saw her friend Sachi appear together with Kiri at the archery club. That wondering look with a tinge of pain and regret is nicely rendered.
Feel Yuzuru’s overall visual appearance of a ladylike, hakama wearing maiden lends itself well to such sketches.


Gofu also created this second sketch of God, aka Ryouchou-sensei, which had the fitting subscript ‘死にますよ〜'(you will die), capturing that blood chilling look Ryouchou gave Ryuuken back in episode four.
She’s cute and deadly! Or is it deadly cute?


Gofu seems to enjoy “Maria†Holic” to have made these additional sketches. I’ll try to keep an eye out on Gofu’s homepage when I can, to see if more may appear.

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  1. February 25, 2009 7:26 pm

    Nice sketches. Amazing.

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