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Maria-sama Ga Miteru 4th season episode 9

February 28, 2009

School has started again after the winter holidays, despite of what happened between them, Touko acts normal yet somewhat distant towards Yumi, making the latter ponder what is really going on in Touko’s mind.
Though there’s little time for Yumi to think much about it as elections for Lillian’s student council are coming up. Being members of the Yamayuri and second year students, Yumi, Yoshino and Shimako of course submit their candidacy to run in the election.

Even though there is an official election for the student council positions -the en boutons of the Roses of the Yamayuri do not inherit the official student council positions by default- traditionally there are no other candidates but the en boutons, so they are always elected.


The day of the candidacy submissions arrives, as expected Yumi, Yoshino and Shimako seem to be the only candidates. However, a few minutes later, a first year student appears wanting to submit her candidacy as well and to the girls’ shock it is none other than Touko.
Though unorthodox and near unheard of a first year student that isn’t part of the Yamayuri to submit her candidacy, they allow her to participate.

Back at the Rose mansion, the girls discuss this rather shocking development and what on earth would possess Touko to run for the student council now, after having refused to become Yumi’s petite sœur, which would have automatically made her part of the Yamayuri council.
Even though she’s Touko’s friend, Noriko hasn’t a clue what Touko’s planning and Yumi is similarly at a loss to explain Touko’s actions and cool demeanor.

Yoshino becomes agitated, saying they shouldn’t forgive Touko’s actions which could lead to one of them not making the student council. When Shimako tries to calm her by explaining that they shouldn’t be privileged to be student council members by default, Yoshino angrily retorts she refuses to accept being separated from her beloved friends.
Breaking the silence after Yoshino’s outburst, Shimako suddenly says that she loves this straightforward side of her, causing Yoshino to blush.

The next day the school is buzzing with rumors on how Touko submitted her candidacy for the student council, causing her to be ostracized by the many students that admire the girls of the Yamayuri.
Noriko confronts Touko, trying to make her reveal the truth but Touko brushes her off, seemingly unaffected when Noriko says she liked being Touko’s friend but will support her grande sœur.


Her mind preoccupied with Touko’s behavior, Yumi talks with Tsutako who tells her that it goes to show how Touko puts on a mask, while in contrast, Yumi’s true feelings are always written on her face plain to see for all.
Tsutako further suggests that if Touko steps on the stage with a mask, playing a role, how could Yumi possibly lose to her for she’s always true to her own self.

Walking to class, Yumi meets a student’s mother who’s come to the school to drop off something her daughter forgot at home. Saying it’d be embarrassing for her daughter if she were to drop it off directly at her class, she asks Yumi to show her to the teacher’s room.
On the way, the woman reveals how her daughter often speaks of the student council election how she admires the Yamayuri candidates.

Later on, Noriko goes to fetch Touko to go to the teacher’s lounge and notices Touko’s wearing regular slippers. Concerned Touko may be subject to bullying by the other students, Noriko questions her, but Touko rudely rebukes her.
In the teacher’s lounge, Touko receives the indoor shoes she had forgotten at home, her teacher noting how fortunate she is to have a caring mother who especially brought them over. Showing a warm smile, Touko answers she’s indeed lucky.

The day of the election is there, all four candidates are due to give speeches prior to voting. Encouraging their respective sœurs and spurring them on, Sachiko tightly embraces Yumi before the candidates head on stage to each deliver their speech. Afterwards the students gather outside, anxiously awaiting the results of the vote.


When the results are in, Yumi, Yoshino and Shimako rejoice as all three have been officially elected to the student council.
Casting a glance at Touko, Yumi is startled to see that Touko is smiling at her, seemingly content Yumi won. Noriko reveals she believes it must have been Touko’s goal all along to compete with Yumi in the election knowing full well she’d lose. Startled at this revelation, Yumi reaches out after Touko.

Another great episode, quite surprising. While I fully expected Yumi, Yoshino and Shimako to win, Touko’s participation threw me off, as well as her demeanor.
What’s her true objective and background? Where are they going with her character?

It was nice to see Touko show a genuine smile without her mask on. But now having seen she seems to have a caring mother she’s likely to be on good terms with, it raises more questions at what may be wrong with Touko’s private life that can explain her actions.
Still, can’t bring myself to dislike Touko just yet, they did too good a job at making her irresistible all these previous episodes.

Will Yumi finally pursue Touko more aggressively and uncover the truth? Quite curious to see what’ll happen next.

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