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Maria-sama Ga Miteru 4th season episode 10

March 7, 2009

Yumi, Yoshino and Shimako have been officially elected to be the next Lillian student council members while Touko, who surprisingly also participated, has not.
Seeing Touko walk away from the gathering of students, Yumi’s first reaction is to go after her but she suddenly stops in her tracks.
Puzzled, Noriko asks Yumi if she won’t go after Touko to which Yumi replies that it’s fine if she doesn’t but that Noriko can go if she wants to.

Noriko seems to be unable to understand Yumi’s motivation, even when she’s whisked away by Shimako to attend their duties now that they’ve been elected.
Uncertain, Noriko ponders what is hidden behind Yumi’s smile, it somehow feels to her that Yumi is far away, somewhere she cannot reach.


When Sachiko gets home from school, she sees Suguru has come over to visit, having brought customary souvenirs from his skiing trip.
Noticing right away something is bothering Sachiko, the two about what has been happening between Touko and Yumi.

Suguru reveals that when Touko had a fight with her family earlier during the winter holidays, she had ran away from home and ended up at Yumi’s house, much to Sachiko’s surprise.

In turn, Sachiko reveals that Touko participated in the Lillian student council election. Because Suguru looks concerned, Sachiko asks him if he loves Yumi. Suguru explains that he does, though not in the way that she may be thinking of.

With the aid of Mami from the newspaper club, the girls of the Yamayuri council discuss what activity they will do for this year’s upcoming Valentine’s Day. Having decided on holding the same type of Valentine’s Day card hunting event as the previous year, Mami has prepared more challenging and exciting ideas for this year’s card search.

Questioning who of the Rosa Gigantea family should participate, Shimako or her en bouton Noriko, both suggest that the other participates, nearly leading to an impasse, certainly when they both reveal that they actually want to search for the card their own sœur will write.


The situation is quickly resolved though and Yoshino gets up to make some tea. As Yumi helps her out, Yoshino notices how serene Yumi seems since the election, certainly considering what happened between her and Touko. Yumi retorts she doesn’t especially feel that way, but Yoshino notices as Noriko did before that Yumi’s becoming more mature.

While the girls further prepare for the Valentine’s Day event, Noriko can’t shake her concern for Touko, she’s feeling more and more restless that Yumi seems to be so complacent about it all. Having arrived early at the Rose Mansion, Noriko can’t calm her worried heart.
When Yumi arrives shortly after, she figures them being alone is the ideal time to talk to Yumi about Touko.

However, before Noriko can begin, Yumi says she wants to talk to Noriko. Upon seeing her reaction, Yumi further suggests that it seems Noriko herself also wanted to talk, but judging by the look on her face, that she actually wanted to discuss Touko, while Yumi had thought to talk about other matters. Noriko is struck at how serene Yumi looks and she almost dares not ask anything, finally she sums up the courage to ask how Yumi feels about Touko.


Slowly opening her eyes, Yumi says she cares deeply about Touko with a peaceful yet slightly melancholic expression. This reassures Noriko, who now realizes she can put her own fears to rest and that Yumi really has grown.

No more angst or emotional torture for Yumi, she has evolved quite a bit, grown almost surprisingly much in fact.
Though this season at times hinted Yumi might be the center pillar of the three girls that will soon become the Yamayuri council’s leading roses, with her character still often filled with uncertainty and anxiety next to her ever radiant smile, it was necessary for her to grow to be able to fill the shoes of leading lady in the student council, to grow closer to that aura of serenity her grande sœur Sachiko has always had.

Surprisingly in contrast, this episode reveals how Sachiko can still be quite anxious, especially when it comes to worrying about her precious petite sœur.

The scene between Shimako and Noriko was terrific, that’s two episodes in a row that they show Shimako’s cute and girlish side like that.

We saw a lot of Noriko and Yumi in this episode, Touko barely appeared at all, though it seems next week will be centered around Touko’s family situation so all may be revealed then.

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  1. Quetta permalink
    March 8, 2009 1:49 pm

    thanks for the review! i have been waiting for somebody to upload ep 10 since few days before it’s on air!! i’m really curious about what happen between yumi & touko. with this review at least i can calm down a bit, because i knew ep 10 isn’t about yumi & touko, it’s about yumi & noriko. i have to wait another week though… T___T why it took long time for this anime to made a real progress between yumi & touko. well, touko is a very difficult character & hard-headed. maybe that’s why it really take time. after this ep we might only have 2 or 3 more episodes. at least they can make the storyline move a bit faster or the whole season is gonna only about yumi trying to make touko to be her petite seour!!! it’s better if they leave few episode about what happen after yumi & touko became seour!!

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