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Maria†Holic episode 10

March 10, 2009

Kanako couldn’t be happier, the students at Ame No Kisaki have switched to their summer uniforms, making every one of the girls a feast for Kanako’s eyes. In an irresistible pose, Mariya shows off her summer uniform, causing Kanako to suffer massive blood loss.

Alas Kanako’s joy is short lived, as Ame No Kisaki’s period of finals and assignments is both long and gruesome. Kanako is not only shocked to see Mariya ranks highest for every subject with a perfect score, she also learns from their teacher Kumagai that she and Kiri both rank worryingly low.


Having assumed Kiri to have good grades due to her ‘studious bookworm with glasses’ image, Kanako is shocked to learn it isn’t so. When Sachi kindly offers her notes for Kanako to use, Yuzuru intersects it’s a nice gesture that sadly will be of no use, which later proves true.

Back in their room, Kanako mentions her grades and questions Mariya how it’s possible she ranks at the top with a maximum score for every subject, she also ponders out loud who this person also called Matsurika is that also has a perfect score streak.

Much to Kanako’s disbelief, Mariya’s maid Matsurika reveals that those are her scores, which means she’s also a first year student at Ame No Kisaki. When Kanako says she expects more respect from Matsurika, considering that she is her senior, Matsurika laughs, so unlike her usual self that it even freaks out Mariya.

Asking Kanako how she was ever able to get in to Ame No Kisaki, Mariya learns that Kanako studied quite hard back then, but hasn’t really done so lately. Wondering why, Kanako suddenly realizes every time she tried to study, Mariya kept her busy by playing games together. Blaming Mariya, Kanako goes to sleep dejected.

Greeting Kanako as usual the next morning, Mariya is taken aback when Kanako exclaims Mariya should properly greet her as a senior and goes on behaving totally out of character. Matsurika reveals she let a learning CD play while Kanako slept, which seems to have had the side effect of altering Kanako’s personality into that of a strict glasses-wearing tough class representative student type.

Before class can even start, a displeased Kanako storms out of the school, for which she later has to apologize to the teacher once she comes to her senses. Luckily for Kanako, she scores enough on all the tests to pass.


On a seemingly normal school day, Kiri reveals she received a love letter from an unknown man on the commute to school. This quickly causes a ticked off Kanako to accuse a man who would do that of being a lolicon, though inwardly she has to admit her own perverted nature is just as bad.
Wondering how to refuse, Sachi and Yuzuru advise her to use the excuse of not knowing the man well enough to engage in a relationship.

Alas it seems their advice was of little help as a few days later, the man gives her a full resume so she can get to know him. When Sachi, Yuzuru and Kanako try to help by offering better advice, Kiri is touched to have such wonderful friends in them.

Kiri’s love troubles only increase though, for the man gives her a bamboo scroll with a history line and even meets her when she changes train lines for her commute.
In their despair, Sachi seeks out the aid of none other than Matsurika and Mariya. Though Kanako believes they can do little to help, Matsurika quickly solves the situation by stamping the man’s resume with a refusal and having Kiri return it to him, a tactic which seems to work as he gives up on her.

The following day, Sachi shows her friends a love letter, resume and bamboo scroll that a man she didn’t know gave her on the way to school…


A nice episode, though with its two more stand-alone type stories the first time round it felt almost as if it’s a filler episode that lost track of the series’ objective and main plot.
Watching it again I could appreciate the stories more and had quite a few laughs, was nice to see most characters make noteworthy contributions too.

Must confess it was a hard episode to follow though, had more trouble understanding the raw this time round.

Totally still adore Kanako to bits, she’s so deliciously perverted and acknowledging her own perversion it makes her hilarious. How she can write off any man trying to pick up Kiri as a lolicon and the very next instant excuse her own lust for her fellow students as if it were normal was so funny.

Loved Mariya’s appearance too, this episode struck a nice balance. She was portrayed with the perfect mix of her irresistible cuteness masking her sadistic nature, which is lately shown more as just continuous teasing and a mask of cynicism she wears.

What a shock though to see Matsurika not only smile and laugh, but accompanied by a sweet voice totally unlike her that it even startled Mariya… simply priceless!

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