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Candy☆Boy episode 6

March 13, 2009

Forced to resubmit most of her art class assignments, Kanade is exhausted after a meeting with her teacher late at school. Having heard she nearly flunked and her teacher is worried about her academic future, Kanade is relieved to see her sister Yukino waiting for her.

Yukino encourages Kanade to get a grip and pay more attention to her studies, after which both sisters playfully tease each other.
Seeing a flier about the new school dorm inscriptions, Yukino remarks they should get some cardboard boxes already to prepare for the move.


The next day at school, the girls browse through a folder detailing everything about their new dorm. After Kanade spots the single large room occupying the fifth floor, a sparkling Sakuya reveals it’s a love nest destined for her and Kanade.

With Yukino and Kanade respectively giving her mystified and annoyed looks, Sakuya descends into her own fantasy about living together with Kanade. Pulling out a subscription form for admission into the new dorm with their names on it, Sakuya urges Kanade to sign it.

When Kanade reveals she and Yukino already sent in their submission long before, seeing they’re returning students who were allowed to register before they open to new students, Sakuya goes near catatonic from the shock.

On the train ride home, Kanade still feels a bit guilty about Sakuya’s hopes being crushed that way, even though she can’t really help it and is glad she gets to keep living together with her beloved sister Yukino.

Reluctant, Kanade reveals to Yukino she plans on staying at school during spring break to study together with some of the other students under the guidance of their teacher, certainly if she hopes to have any real chance of getting into college.
Since the swimming club will hold activities through spring break anyway, Yukino says she’ll remain with Kanade and not return home either.


Later that evening, Kanade calls their little sister Shizuku to tell her nor she or Yukino will be heading home for spring break due to their school obligations and taking the opportunity the art teacher offers to study at school instead of a costly prep school she can’t afford.
As Shizuku was looking forward to seeing her sisters, she’s obviously disappointed and cuts the conversation short.

Overhearing everything, Yukino suggests Kanade should attend a prep school even if it’s expensive since she’ll need to be well prepared for the upcoming college entrance exams.
Kanade answers she’ll take her chances for now and attend a prep school if she should fail the entrance exams first time round.

Hearing this, Yukino says as they decided to always be together, to study together, graduate together, work together,… if Kanade should not make it into college right away, that she will get a part time job to help Kanade pay for prep school.


Although it was already out for a week on the special “Candy☆Boy” channel at Nico Nico which requires a paying subscription, I was only able to catch this latest “Candy☆Boy” episode today now that it’s available for viewing by all on Nico Nico.

It was a rather calm episode, with only a few significant scenes about the girls’ future which seems to set up things for the next episode which by the originally advertised seven episode count, may be the seventh and last “Candy☆Boy” episode.
Do hope they make a few more “Candy☆Boy” episodes though as there is enough story left to be told.

One of the things I love most about this great series and still comes forth well in this episode is the great chemistry between Kanade and Yukino, they’re such an endearing couple.

If the next episode is the finale, I hope they conclude “Candy☆Boy” in its typical style with a great mix of comedy, a hint of realistic drama but topped off with heartwarming romance and love between Kanade and Yukino.

Kanade x Yukino always~

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