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Maria†Holic episode 11

March 19, 2009

Kanae Touichirou, a young, dashing Catholic priest who teaches at Ame No Kisaki, makes his way to school, besieged from all sides by students fawning over him.
Little do they realize the odd priest that always addresses his deceased mother in an inner monologue (much like Kanako continuously does) barely sees them as his eyes are drawn onto none other than Mariya.

Quickly noticing the beet red face of the priest, Mariya takes fully advantage of this opening to show her most delicate and enticing smile, shaking the priest to his very core.


Kanae also takes note of Mariya’s companions, Kanako and Matsurika. He seems especially concerned about Kanako, who was the only student forced to follow the remedial classes he teaches and always acted very nervous around him.

While pondering over this Kanae notices Matsurika’s eyes glance towards him and grossly misinterprets her look as that of a maiden in love with him.

Trying to regain his composure, Kanae takes the opportunity of Kanako leaving ahead to have a private talk with Mariya. He reveals his concern for Kanako’s well-being seeing her apparent poor health, mediocre academic results and rather distant behaviour towards him.
Mariya tells Kanae that he bears a striking resemblance to Kanako’s older brother, who is sadly is struck with minor Tsjaikovski syndrome, much to Kanako’s grief.
Not savvy enough to see through Mariya’s deception, Kanae believes her incredible story.

Rushing to her class, Kanae embraces Kanako, shouting that she mustn’t mind about his resemblance to her ill brother, his words fall on deaf ears though as an absolutely terrorized Kanako has a violent allergic reaction to him and faints.

Kanako is taken to the nurse’s office to recover. There, Kanae tries to hear the school nurse out about this so called Tsjaikovski syndrome, but before the nurse has any chance to question him more about this odd query, Kumagai appears to check in on Kanako’s condition. Kanae tries to question her about Kanako’s family situation but holds himself back.


Kanae heads to the girl’s dorm later that night, revealing to Ryouchou that he wishes to have a private talk with Kanako and check on her living conditions in the dorm.
Ryouchou denies the request, for it wouldn’t be proper to allow a man into one of the girl’s rooms unescorted.
Realizing Kanako and Mariya share a room, Kanae’s fantasy goes berserk thinking of Mariya in her night garments. Trying to get a grip and affirming his motives are pure, Kanae pleads with Ryouchou to allow him in.

Sly as a fox, Ryouchou exclaims she always wanted a large plasma television and if she were to receive one it may sway her.
Kanae gets her a large plasma television but is horrified to learn it will only grant him three minutes in Kanako’s room. He quickly succumbs to buying Ryouchou a DVD player to extend that time.

In their room, Kanako complains to Mariya about the lies she told the priest, which put her in a pinch. Hearing a knock on the door, Kanako goes to open it and to her horror sees Kanae has come to visit her.
Ostensibly to give Kanako and Kanae some privacy to talk, Mariya and Matsurika move to the side and Mariya plays kaiawase, a sea shell matching game that was once popular with court aristocrats during the Heian period.

Too nervous to say anything, both Kanae and Kanako just sit there, the former his mind racing in thought while the latter is just plain terrified.


Seeing Mariya and Matsurika whisper to one another, Kanae’s mind goes off, trying to think what they may be talking about but is soon shocked when Ryouchou appears declaring his time is up.

Dragged away kicking and screaming, the priest is thrown out of the dorm into the pouring rain, where he is left to wonders where he has gone astray.
When the student council president Ayari opens the door to the dorm, wondering what the priest is doing there, Kanae’s heart rejoices for he has seen a new angel appear before him.

This episode was quite different from the previous ones, mostly due to its focus on a newly introduced -and most likely one time use- character in the oddball priest Kanae, whose inner monologues made him resemble Kanako.

I wonder if they may not have used this episodic plot with Kanae to again accentuate Kanako’s loathing and allergy towards men, perhaps to prepare a finally where Kanako and Mariya do get along together, Kanako having overcome her fear of men in regards of Mariya alone?
Though that just may be wishful thinking on my part.

First time round I didn’t much like the episode, especially due to the focus on Kanae and his monologues which were rather hard to follow. But the resulting humorous situations due to all his misunderstandings provided ample laughs.

Though with such an episode that doesn’t seem to focus on the main plot involving Kanako and Mariya so near the end of the season, one could wonder how they will close off the series, we may get an open ending or no ending at all.

In case of an open ending, I do hope they create a second season later on then, as I’m personally keen on seeing it end on a happy note between Kanako and Mariya.

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  1. March 24, 2009 11:17 am

    I agree, I didn’t really like it when Kanae rattled on to himself. -wry- And I thought Kanako was bad!

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