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Maria-sama Ga Miteru 4th season episode 12

March 21, 2009

Having lost her temper against Yumi, Touko broke down in tears once she realized it was all due to her own misunderstanding. To Touko’s relief, Noriko appeared and comforted her.

The next day at school Touko acts as if nothing happened and when Noriko questions her what she plans to do about the Valentine Day’s card hunt, Touko bluntly replies it’s none of her concern.


Meeting her grande sœur in class, Yumi wants to give Sachiko Valentine’s Day chocolates, but Sachiko takes her outside so her classmates will not witness it. Puzzled at Sachiko’s intent, Yumi hears that last year Sachiko turned down all the chocolates she was given, except those from Yumi, so she prefers to receive them in private.

Happy at being able to see her grande sœur’s reaction upon receiving the home made chocolates, Yumi is surprised when Sachiko also gives her chocolate.
Sachiko explains that she was so happy to receive chocolates from Yumi last time, she wanted to return those feelings this year.

At the Rose mansion, Yumi walks in on Shimako and Noriko exchanging Valentine’s Day chocolates and quickly excuses herself with a beet red face. Finding Yumi’s reaction rather adorable, Shimako and Noriko tell her she mustn’t feel embarrassed as they do not mind someone seeing them exchange chocolates.

Yumi’s cheeks still redden as she observes the two sœurs who look as if they are in their own separate ephemeral world. Realizing she must have looked like that herself earlier on with Sachiko, Yumi gets even more flustered, much to Shimako and Noriko’s amusement.

Meeting Touko in the hallway by chance, Sachiko confronts her, accusing Touko of always running away because she is afraid. Trying to retort, Touko is surprised when Sachiko reveals she too was afraid of Yumi at first, for being with a straightforward person like Yumi always seemed to lay bare one’s own weaknesses, leaving you open to see your own flaws.

When Touko questions why Sachiko is with Yumi if she felt that way, Sachiko replies that it’s obviously because she loves Yumi, and being with her made her face those weaknesses.

Sachiko reveals she always believed Yumi would make the right choice when it came to choosing her own petite sœur and that she is looking forward to the Valentine’s Day card hunt to compete against that petite sœur candidate, her rival, by which she effectively challenges Touko.


Many students have gathered for the Valentine’s Day card hunt, addressing the crowd, Mami gives some final instructions on how they are to find hints which will reveal the card’s location.
All of Yumi’s admirers turn their eyes to Sachiko, believing she may lead them to Yumi’s card but their attention is also drawn on Touko who surprisingly appears to participate.

The whole campus of Lilian is soon alive with students searching for the hidden Valentine’s Day cards, but Sachiko calmly heads to the Rose mansion to have some tea, followed by a large group of Yumi’s admirers.
When Rei arrives at the school after having attended an exam, she witnesses students looking all over for the Valentine’s Day cards and with a stroke of luck, she sees Yoshino’s card hanging below a open window.

Worried about Touko, Noriko heads back into the classroom buildings and finds Touko looking through different atlases. Touko had thought Yumi may have hidden the card there, reminiscent of their conversation about Touko’s childhood when she tried to color a map but failed.

Noriko tells her that she won’t find Yumi’s card there because Touko doesn’t understand Yumi’s true heart, assuming it is small while in fact it is much larger than Touko can fathom, encompassing so much in it and always thinking of Touko.
She goes on to say that if Touko always closes herself off in such a small space like she has been doing, Yumi’s heart will never be able to reach her.


After Noriko returns to the Rose mansion, Rei enters and to everyone’s shock pulls out a yellow card. Thinking Rei found her Valentine’s Day card, Yoshino grabs it but quickly shows it to all, for it is not the Valentine’s Day card but a recipe request for Valentine’s Day chocolate cake.
When Mami says they had mistaken it for the card since it is written on yellow paper, Rei reveals she actually did find the real Valentine’s Day card but decided not to take it since she isn’t participating in the event.
Mere moments later, Chisato enters, revealing she has Yoshino’s Valentine’s Day card.

Mulling over what Noriko and Sachiko had previously told her, Touko can’t shake the image of Yumi from her mind. Thinking about Sachiko’s words, Touko seems to finally realize that she too loves Yumi and she frantically rushes off to the Rose Mansion.

It was a nice episode even though I couldn’t shake the impression they dragged on a bit to spread the remaining plot over into the next episode. On the other hand, if they had crammed the reconciliation into this episode it would have been far too rushed.

By using the approach they took, it allowed for an episode not only filled with heartwarming scenes, but it also had some light comedy and showed us terrific moments between all the different characters and sœur pairs.

Liked how they wrote out the scenes with Touko, with both Sachiko and Noriko enabling her to finally recognize and accept how she really feels about Yumi.

Looks like they will have us wait until the final episode for the reconciliation between Yumi and Touko, at which time Touko will no doubt become Yumi’s petite sœur.
I’m anxious to see how the scene will play out and if we’ll get an epilogue showing us what Yumi and Touko are like as sœurs.

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