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Majikina Mina figure review

March 29, 2009
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Originally released in early 2007, had seen this Majikina Mina (真鏡名 ミナ) 1/5 scale figure by Good Smile Company at online shops, yet even though I liked the figure’s design never purchased her due to the price tag.

When I spotted her for sale at a more competitive price during last year’s FACTS convention, I decided to add her to my collection.

Lovely Majikina Mina figure

How could one resist? Scantily clad and shapely maiden with a cool gaze ready to strike down any foe with her bow… pure win.

Took all the photos with the Canon Eos 450D, equipped with the EF-S 18-55mm IS kit lens on a Sherpa 750R tripod.
Used the Av aperture priority mode, ISO 100, mirror lock up, f-stop usually set at 10.0 for this particular shoot.

Full view of Mina

As you can see, this Mina figure by Good Smile Company is rather large at 1/5 scale, especially considering the draping cloth, long ponytail and bow.
Though not especially tall, she does take up quite a bit of space.

Assembling the bow, which is divided into two parts that wedge into her hands that are then linked with a metal string was rather challenging.

Close up of Mina

Originating from the “Samurai Showdown V” aka “Samurai Spirits Zero” game, must confess the reason I purchased this figure is purely cosmetic as I just like Mina’s character design and this rendering of her as a figure.

Have not played “Samurai Showdown V” or any of the other “Samurai Showdown” games.

Top down angle of Mina

Some may think it odd to purchase figures based on their aesthetics, and while I myself am not particularly keen on doing so, I do base a figure purchase largely on how much I like the figure’s design.
I try and limit myself to those of characters I know, but would not go out and buy a figure of my favorite character if I do not find that particular figure appealing.

Like the shading on the figure

Did not include her small animal companion Chample but left it in the box because I feel it disrupts the flow of the figure and was too distracting.

Not being familiar with “Samurai Showdown V” myself, there’s little harm in it.

Sideboob ftw

Was a sunny day with a lot of natural light but decided to experiment by adding artificial lighting, using a warm spotlight with a self made diffuser.

Had another spotlight set farther away without diffuser which is visible in Mina’s hair, eventually switched it for a reflector, hence why some photos look slightly different.

Left side view

Interestingly, looking sideways at the figure from a slight elevated angle and focused like this, she looks quite nice.

In contrast, when you view her exactly from the sides at horizon level, the pose makes her look as if she’s about to fall backwards, so decided against shooting photos of her that way. It also limits the ways she can be displayed a bit.

Wider shot of Mina

When viewed like this I love the body sculpt and pose, while sleek, the sculpt itself accentuated by the impressive shading work in the paint job give an impression of immense power… as if you can feel the power from her still taunt muscles, see the cloth of her skirt drape from having fired an arrow.

Nice angle of Mina

Mandatory pantsu shot to illustrate the excellent detailing on the figure… for the detailing, really!

Greatly detailed figure

The face isn’t my favorite as it lacks a bit of expression, but from what I read, the character Mina was rather emotionless so I reckon this facial sculpt is normal.

Glad I picked up this figure, she fits nicely into my collection. Also found some nice art illustrations of Mina online which I’ll share another time.

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  1. March 29, 2009 9:33 pm

    I really like the line of the msucles in her belly area.
    It isnt weird to buy figures purely on an aesthetic base.I do so aswell.Its just more enjoyable if you know the character behind the figure.

    The only thing thats a bit weird about her is the silver hair imho

  2. anonymousobject permalink
    March 29, 2009 10:51 pm

    Nice looking figure there 😉

  3. April 3, 2009 3:27 am

    I always wanted this figure but eBay prices for her are just ridiculous. congrats on getting her! ^^

    nice pics, btw. excellent composition.


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