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Gofu brings more “Maria†Holic” sketches

April 3, 2009

Looks like artist Gofu created a few more “Maria†Holic” sketches after the series final episode aired last week.

Lovely sketch of Kanako, Gofu managed to render her expression well, that typical mix of embarrassment and defiance when she’s being bullied by Mariya.
A nice illustration that captures the essence of her character and relationship with Mariya.

Kanako by Gofu

Liked the dynamic between Kanako and Mariya, their characters had great chemistry and though it didn’t come through as much in every episode, most showed us excellent verbal and character banter between the two, which was highly enjoyable.

Topped off with Matsurika’s dry verbal jabs against both Kanako and Mariya, it was one of the series’ strong suits.
Actually reminded me of the amazing character chemistry we saw between Horo and Lawrence in “Spice & Wolf”.

Also spotted this sketch of God or Ryouchou-sensei when she slyly got the priest Kanae Touichirou to buy her a plasma television and DVD-player.

You can just hear her go ’50インチの大型プラズマテレビ。欲しいですねぇ〜。’ like Gofu added as text marker line under the artwork.

Ryouchou by Gofu

Nice to see Gofu made more “Maria†Holic” sketches, seems to have really enjoyed the series as well.

Already starting to miss “Maria†Holic”, do hope the manga continues with a solid story so we can get a second season someday in the future.
With a happy yuri ending between Kanako and Mariya of course! Though I guess that wouldn’t really be yuri… but it’d still be quite romantic and cute. ^^


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