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Majikina Mina by Kawata Hisashi

April 8, 2009

Already showed photos of the terrific Majikina Mina (真鏡名 ミナ) figure by Good Smile Company, a figure I added into my collection solely because the character design of Mina really appealed to me.

Thought I’d share these great illustrations made by artist Kawata Hisashi (カワタヒサシ) who created lovely art of Mina.

Cute Mina by Kawata Hisashil

Love this particular illustration of Mina, the artist rendered her well with a nice mix of shyness in her pose and blushing cheeks.
Yet there’s still grace and an undeniable strength in her overall appearance, with her bow held behind her, ready to be brought forth in a split second to fire arrows.

Alas, the smaller thumbnailed versions don’t really do the art justice, if you click them to view the full sized versions you will be able to appreciate better what terrific art it is.

Kawata Hisashi is an artist known to work with eroge producer Leaf, where he contributed in the “To Heart 2 ~Another Days~” eroge.

Very nice coloring and shading work in the below image of Mina. It also shows how Kawata Hisashi’s style is seemingly more flexible, for it shows subtle differences among the illustrations you see here in coloring or rendering of the eyes.

Lovely art of Mina

Suggesting a dynamic pose as if she has just fired an arrow, the next image of Mina in particular I find noteworthy due to the great facial expression. especially in her eyes, they make her seem cold as ice.

A cool, blue glacial gaze, sharply focused and all business as she fired a lethal shot towards her target without any emotion…

Mina with a dynamic pose

Was glad to find such cute illustrations of Mina by Kawata Hisashi, of whom you can also find plenty of “To Heart 2” and “Idolmaster” creations.

You can see more art at Kawata Hisashi’s own blog.

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  1. Fan of Kawata HisaGhi permalink
    July 10, 2009 9:45 am

    i really like this character she is strong and cute i really like her thank you for share the picture of her, thanks

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