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K-ON! 2

April 11, 2009

When Yui tells her that they can’t walk home together today because she has club activities, Nodoka feels glad her friend has finally found something to focus on.
Knowing Yui since kindergarten, Nodoka has always seen how spaced out and uncommitted the girl was, something that seems to have changed now that she joined the keion-bu.

Meeting the other three girls in the music classroom, Yui ponders how they each have distinct personalities that fit the instruments they play, from the tall and pretty Mio, lady-like Tsumugi to the energetic Ritsu.

The cute K-ON! girls

Learning more about her newfound friends, Yui discovers Mio is actually quite shy, Tsumugi seems to come from a wealthy family and Ritsu can be as random as she herself is.

Sharing tea and snacks, the girls ask Yui if she’s bought a guitar yet, though typical for Yui, she had forgotten all about it.
When she asks how much a guitar costs on average, Yui is shocked to learn they can be quite expensive. The keion-bu gang decides to go out guitar shopping together on their next day off.

Meeting Yui near the mall on a sunny day, Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi are amazed how Yui is distracted by the slightest thing, from petting a cute dog to dragging everyone along into a random store looking at cute clothes.

After the girls rest up in a café, they head to a music store and feast their eyes on all the guitars for sale. Even though Yui has gotten an advance on her allowance from her mother, she doesn’t have much to spend, certainly not enough for the expensive Gibson Les Paul guitar that catches her eye.
Seeing Yui really fancies that particular guitar, the three other girls decide to help her buy it by all getting a part time job to gather enough funds.

Learning Yui is now undertaking a part time job, Nodoka is glad to see her friend has grown so much, though a twinge of regret still lingers as well.

That same afternoon in the music room, the girls sift through magazines, trying to find a suitable part time job though it may prove tricky due to Mio’s shyness, for she won’t be able to handle any jobs where she has to face crowds.
Mio says she’ll try and overcome this hurdle for Yui’s sake, but lucky for her Ritsu finds them all a job as traffic controllers where they just have to count the traffic.

Ladylike Mio and Tsumugi

The next weekend the keion-bu girls gather for their new part time job, Tsumugi brought snacks while Yui took along a large bento her sister Ui prepared for all of them.

Counting the passing traffic, the girls have a fun time in spite of the repetitive work, Yui observes how Tsumugi has all the class of a princess, Mio and Ritsu start to twitch their fingers even when watching clouds as if they’d count those too,… when it is time to part ways, Yui thanks them all for their help and says she’ll practice hard once she gets her guitar.

When they conclude their job the next day, Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi hand their paychecks to Yui but Yui gives them back, saying they should keep what they worked for and that she’ll just buy a cheaper guitar for now to be able to join in and play music with them.

However, once the girls return to the music instrument store, Yui can’t pull herself away from the Gibson Les Paul guitar, she confesses she still craves for it.
Hearing Yui really wants that guitar, Tsumugi suddenly heads to the counter and asks the sales clerk if she can negotiate about the price of the guitar. Unsure at first, the sales clerk suddenly recognizes Tsumugi as the store owner’s daughter by the signature eyebrows and succumbs to selling the guitar to Yui for a much lower price.

Guitar get

Reveling in her newly acquired treasure, Yui spends most of the evening posing in front of the mirror with her guitar. When Ui comes to wake her in the morning, the younger sister is startled to discover that Yui even slept while hugging the guitar.

At school, the keion-bu girls gather in the music room, ecstatic they finally have a band now, though when Yui plays a few chords, they realize she’ll need much more practice. Letting her enthusiasm get the best of her, Ritsu exclaims their goal is to perform live at the Budokan before their three years as high school students are over.
Mio, Yui, Ritsu and Tsumugi look even more forward to their time with the keion-bu now that their band is complete and they seem to grow into a tightly knit group of friends.

A very nice episode, continuing on the same trend as the first one, it’s nice to see they spend time on showing us more of the four girls. Even though most focus was on Yui this time, we get to discover traits about Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi as well.

While Tsumugi is brought forth as the classy princess from wealthy descent, Mio is the tall and pretty young lady who’s shy to a fault, these traits we usually see combined in a single character but are here split into two separate ones, which is only for the better.
It also shows they deliberately infused similar character traits in such a way to show Mio and Tsumugi as well as Ritsu and Yui each have quite a bit of common characteristics, even though in terms of friendship, Mio and Ritsu are closest friends and Tsumugi and Yui seem to grow closer.

The series definitely feels more like a school slice-of-life comedy with a musical theme now. This I like as I’ve always been a fan of such bubbly slice-of-life shows and there’s an undeniable positive energy in this series.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode as I’m really loving “K-ON!”, this type of series always brightens my day and brings a ray of sunshine and laughter in your life, much like series such as “Aria”, “Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~”, “Lucky Star”,…
Sure it may not be a gem in terms of plot, character depth or originality, but when all the other pieces fit, good animation, great soundtrack, mellow theme and just bursting with positive energy, I think it’s certainly worth watching and even the hype. After all, better to see such a positive series hyped than a depressing or even unsettling series.

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