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K-ON! 3

April 17, 2009

Practicing with her guitar, Yui observes how sharp the strings seem, thinking they might cut her fingers. Ritsu quickly teases Yui, saying the strings could slice right into her flesh, causing blood to gush out.
Although this barely startles Yui poor Mio is terrorized at just hearing the word blood mentioned.

Once she gets a hold of herself again, Mio informs Yui that her fingers will naturally grow calluses from playing guitar and shows Yui how her own fingers have become tougher.


Fascinated by Mio’s fingers, Yui starts to play with them, much to Mio’s embarrassment.

Heading home for the day after having studied chords, Yui encounters Nodoka who had stayed late at school to prepare for the upcoming midterms in the library.
Having been so engrossed in learning how to play guitar, Yui forgot all about the midterms and hasn’t studied at all.

Although she never really studied for them in middle school, it doesn’t look like she’ll get through unscathed without putting in any effort now that she’s in high school. Failing the math exam, Yui is forced to take the remedial test.

To make matters worse, she’s prohibited by their teacher to attend club activities before the remedial exam so she can focus on studying, but the other keion-bu girls soon fear their club might cease to exist if Yui doesn’t make it through the test.

Encouraging Yui to study hard in the week she has left, the three girls worry that Yui will be too distracted and not properly prepare, a fear that becomes reality when a panicked Yui rushes into the club on the final day before the test, begging for Mio’s help.

Wanting to help their club member and friend, Mio, Tsumugi and Ritsu all accompany Yui home to study with her in preparation for her remedial test.
Hearing only Yui’s younger sister Ui will be home, the three girls start to imagine what she’s like and are surprised to discover Ui is nothing like Yui at all, but a mature and polite young girl.


Focusing on cramming, Mio teaches Yui math, while Ritsu quickly starts to goof around, much to Mio’s despair. When Yui seems to loose momentum, Tsumugi is able to motivate her into studying longer with the promise of a delicious cake pastry as reward.

Since she heard Yui would study with her friends from the keion-bu, Nodoka makes a surprise visit, having brought sandwiches for everyone.
Enjoying a short break while eating, the girls listen to Nodoka’s talk about how she and Yui have been friends since kindergarten, and when Nodoka was ill, how Yui faithfully brought her all the necessary notes and printouts every day… but not without mixing in her own failed tests in typical Yui fashion.

Studying well into the night with Mio and Tsumugi, Yui falls asleep once, having a strange dream of being trapped with her friends in a wooden chalet in the middle of a snowstorm, but she pulls through and studies on.

The day of the remedial exam has arrived and Yui gives it all she’s got. Anxiously awaiting the result of Yui’s test, the keion-bu girls are uneasy, Tsumugi spills her tea, Mio paces the room and even Ritsu isn’t her usual self.
Yui soon arrives with her graded test, but no one can believe she actually got a perfect score, not even Yui herself.


Delighted the ordeal is over, they quickly turn to practice and want to hear Yui play the chords she had studied. Alas to everyone’s despair, the intensive math studying seems to have erased all of Yui’s prior memory of the guitar chords.

“K-ON!” is such a great hit for me. I adored this episode, as a comedy slice-of-life series this show appeals to me much like “Lucky Star!” or even “Aria” and “Sketchbook ~full color’s~”, by bringing you near half hour of what can be best described as bright summer sunshine.

It bursts with life, the mundane adventures of the girls and their cute mannerisms are not only entertaining but they’ll warm your heart up. Anime series such as these may not excel with intricate plots that make your mind work, nor are they mindless television to numb your brain but they soothe your soul, infusing your life with a smile.

While I am nor keen, nor dismissive about hypes and hyped series, the fact remains for me so far this series deserves its hype, because this type of fluffy, heart-warming anime series is what will make people laugh and gain a happier outlook after having enjoyed such an episode as this.

Like some of the character details they showed this time. From playful Ritsu having unexpected good scores because she did study (albeit with Mio’s help) , the always focused Tsumugi spilling tea because she can’t keep her mind of Yui taking the remedial test to Mio’s worried pacing and terror at just hearing the word blood. (Though that last element may just be to increase Mio’s moe factor.)

Yui is quite cute too, without descending into the plain playful but dumb girl stereotype. Plus voice actress Aki Toyosaki is really pulling an amazing performance as Yui.
Though Mio’s still my favorite, wouldn’t I love to play with her fingers like that too…

Seems the time line will be moving along fast though since the next episode will already take us straight into the summer holidays and the girls’ band training camp.

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