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Gofu “K-ON!” sketches

April 21, 2009
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Artist Gofu, known for sketch illustrations of many characters and series, like those of “Maria†Holic” and “Maria-sama Ga Miteru” characters, has recently created several “K-ON!” black and white sketches.

This sketch of Tusmugi, who is also affectionately nicknamed Mugi-chan by the other girls, is quite striking.

Lovely Tsumugi

It perfectly captures the atmosphere of Tsumugi’s character in that warm yet still reserved smile and those gentle eyes.

Really adore Gofu’s sketch style, lovely how all the lines and shades are created by those pencil-like strokes.

While I’m prone to like colorful art, there’s something about such sketches that appeals to me as well, they have their unique atmosphere and style that makes them stand out.

Lovely sketch of Nodoka, her expression is so priceless, one can just imagine her pulling that face after seeing Yui’s latest crazy stunt.

Shocked Nodoka

Interesting how Gofu rendered Ritsu in the below sketch, far from her usual bashful and energetic expressions she looks uncharacteristically depressed, even downcast.

While perhaps not a fantastic expression for Ritsu, it is a welcome change to see an artist portray her like this and as with most of Gofu’s sketches, it remains a very nice illustration with great stroke work.

Sad Ritsu

Haven’t seen a sketch of Mio yet by Gofu, surely he must be the first artist who rendered most of the girls but hasn’t drawn the lovely fan favorite bass player of the keion-bu yet.
Will have to keep an eye on Gofu’s diary to see if any Mio sketches pop up.

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  1. brigfox permalink
    April 21, 2009 10:49 pm

    Hmm, maybe he wants to be different…?
    I’d certainly save Mio for last if I was an artist drawing all the girls, especially with all the Mio art already out there.


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