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Queen’s Blade 4

April 23, 2009

Inspecting the lodging where Reina had stayed, Clodette is reminded of their youth but she is interrupted from her reverie by Echidna who reveals that Reina has already left town.

Intent on bringing her younger sister back to the Vance castle, Clodette heads out into the night after hearing reports Reina was spotted by travelers.

Duel of the sisters

Heavy rainfall pouring down from the dark skies, Clodette reminisces back on a day many years past, when the infant Reina almost fell into a deep chasm on the castle’s grounds, but Clodette had managed to pull her to safety.

It had rained hard that day as well, the maids’ concern for Reina while she herself was left standing there soaking wet, the words her father spoke to her later in the garden about the blue flower’s kindness and beauty, that day was forever etched in her memories.

Having seen Clodette leave the city, the angel Nanael heads out to find Reina, intent on recording her first Queen’s Blade match, pitting Reina against Clodette.

Meanwhile Reina tried hard to get some sleep after having failed at cooking a suitable meal from a mushroom she had found but proved to be inedible. When Nanael appears claiming to be a savior angel and offering her angel’s milk, full of nutrients to regain her strength, a skeptical Reina accepts the beverage but quickly spews it out, much to Nanael’s shock.

Dawn approaches fast so Reina bids Nanael goodbye, thanking her for the company and milk. Nanael slyly remarks that the journey ahead won’t be easy for Reina, because Clodette has found her.

Cheeky Nanael

As the two sisters face each other, Nanael activates a broadcasting orb and declares a Queen’s Blade battle is to be fought between the girls.

Realizing they’ve been set up, Clodette asks Reina to withdraw so they can face each other another time, away from Nanael, but Reina stubbornly refuses, saying that her elder sister never understood her true feelings.
Launching a barrage of attacks against Clodette, Reina vents her frustration at wanting to be free to live her own life, away from their father and the fate she feels was imposed on her.

Seeing the broadcast, Elina, Listy, Tomoe and Shizuka all witness the battle.

Tired of Reina’s selfishness, Clodette finally gets serious and launches a series of powerful attacks against Reina, driving her younger sister back and defeating her.
Reina is left battered, her armor in pieces and shield shattered, causing Nanael to declare the match is over.

Not willing to give up even while injured, Reina tries to get up when the ground beneath her feet suddenly gives way, causing her to plummet into the abyss below. In the nick of time, Clodette is able to grab hold of Reina’s arm and tries to pull her sister up.

Farewell Reina

When Reina yells for Clodette to let go of her hand, Clodette begs her sister not to throw her life away so lightly.
Tears streaming down her cheeks, Reina says that Clodette never understood how she truly felt and confesses she loves her sister dearly.

Reina’s words strike deep, causing the events from their past to flash before her eyes. When Clodette comes to her senses she realizes her hand is empty, for she let go of her grip on Reina…

Wasn’t entirely sure of what exactly happened with Count Vance and the two girls, looks like Reina and Clodette both misunderstood their father’s feelings about them, leading them to grow apart from each other.
Tragically Reina adores her elder sister the most, while Clodette seems to resent her own harsher childhood whereas Reina was doted on and favored.

Not a bad episode but not really good either, it’s again a good example of how the creators don’t really seem to stick to a direction.
While they try and bring in a serious plot featuring Reina and Clodette’s past, how it marked them and pits them against each other, it’s largely for naught with the included unnecessary explicit nudity and offbeat comedy.

The chance of making a serious action drama in a medieval setting is lost. The potential was there and they might have pulled it off with some more hard work.

Though admittedly, the comedy moments still acceptably worked, Reina’s mushroom meal was funny enough since it stands off against her usual portrayal and Nanael was quite the hoot.
Finally getting plenty of screen time, Nanael provided for ample comedy, albeit more generic comedy. Aya Hirano does a nice job voicing the cheeky angel, though many will recognize her comedic voice acting style right away.

The more I see of “Queen’s Blade” the more I think that such series are rather a waste because the potential to make a solid series with realistic medieval battles is not realized and the unnecessary explicit nudity makes it too cheap.
By including such explicit scenes, any real sensuality is lacking, where they could have included better animated implicit and suggestive scenes which would have been far more enticing.

A valiant effort, but not quite there yet, so we’ll see what next week brings.

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    April 24, 2009 3:23 pm

    Just finished ep 4 and It’s a good step in the right direction, the nudity I don’t mind as much since it wouldn’t be QB if it wasn’t there ^_^. I think with Reina falling and being thought dead is a good step in giving her time for some character growth and not being too focused on being the runaway princess route. Also gives some time to see Tomoe’s and Shizuka’s Progress 😀

  2. sdfajj permalink
    April 24, 2009 5:32 pm

    So, is it wrong for me to actually want more nudity and such from them instead of a story I don’t even understand thanks to a language barrier?

  3. Smithy permalink*
    April 24, 2009 6:33 pm

    Yes there’s some more promise of positive evolution. Will see where it goes. ^^

    Lol! You have the right to want that if you so desire.
    As for the language barrier, well my Japanese isn’t great either but I try. You can always take Japanese classes or pick up from courses online. ^^

  4. sdfajj permalink
    April 24, 2009 7:47 pm

    Well, I really can’t take any courses right now, since I’m already swamped IRL.
    Have to study already for other things, and the japanese language isn’t terribly useful in the world really, I’m sad to say 😦

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