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Gofu sketches Mio and more “K-ON!” girls

April 25, 2009

Had wondered why we hadn’t seen a Mio sketch yet by Gofu after the artist had already sketched the other ‘K-ON!” girls.
Seems only a bit of patience was needed as Gofu has not only made a nice sketch of Akiyama Mio but also delivered more new terrific “K-ON!” sketches.

Akiyama Mio sketch

Gofu’s sketch of Mio is spot on, perfectly rendering the serious but shy to a fault keion-bu bass player.

Every time I see Gofu’s sketches I’m in awe at how the artist creates such terrific black and white sketch art, using line work to create shading and color substitutes.

Seems like Gofu may have a preference for Tsumugi, previous sketch of the elegant young lady was already an indication the artist really likes Mugi-chan for it showed a lot of attention and care was put into creating it.

This new sketch of Tsumugi in her appearance when the keion-bu girls took part time jobs is quite amazing as well, perfectly capturing her princess-like aura with her kind, elegant smile and the wondrous look of someone fully enjoying the new experience she’s living even if it may seem but a normal one to others. That look reminds me of Akari in “Aria”.

Tsumugi sketch

What also makes those sketches perfect each time is the skilled rendering of the character’s facial expression through the mouth and eyes, expertly capturing them in signature expressions.

Had enjoyed the sketch of Yui’s childhood friend Nodoka but this one of Yui’s younger sister Ui is terrific as well.
Her shocked expression can only leave us to guess as what she’s seen her oddball older sister do, one can imagine her go ‘お姉ーちゃん!もう…’.

Gofu sketches Ui

Can’t erase the image of lovely Mio in that enticing black bikini from yesterday’s beach episode from my mind… lovely おっぱい… but that’s probably because I’m not trying to erase it but rather forever etch it into mind.

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