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Queen’s Blade 5

April 30, 2009

Having let go of Reina’s hand which caused the girl to drop into the depths below, Clodette scours the rapid water river at the bottom of the chasm, but there is no sign of Reina.
Further downriver, Echidna’s snake picks up faint traces of the wandering warrior’s scent, so the elf believes that Reina has survived.

At the Vance castle, Elina is bereft with grief at having lost her beloved sister. In tears, she thinks of all the things she still wanted to do together with Reina.

Reina alive but enslaved

Reina has actually survived the fall and was taken by Menace. In her pyramid far into the desert, Menace and her magical scepter Setra imbue evil spirits into Reina’s unconscious body to forever enslave her as Menace’s faithful servant.

When Melona discovers that Menace’s new pet servant is Reina, she gets into a heated argument with the princess but is quickly forced to retreat.

Enjoying an oil massage by her new servant Reina, who seems to have lost all traces of self awareness, Menace’s bliss is interrupted when Setra detects Tomoe and Shizuka approaching the pyramid.
With his keen yet perverted eyes, the living scepter deems the two girls suitable candidates to become Menace’s servants next to Reina.

Using magic to generate a storm that separates Tomoe and Shizuka, Menace sends Reina to attack the warrior priestess.
Spotting the battle from the skies, the angel Nanael follows the fighting girls when they head into the pyramid, trying to broadcast it as a Queen’s Blade battle. Thanks to the broadcast, Elina, Listy and Echidna see Reina is still alive.

Her Queen’s Blade broadcast ends up being for naught though as Nanael is trapped in the pyramid alongside Tomoe, running for their lives from all the lethal booby traps.
Nearly crushed by a giant rolling stone, Nanael is pulled out of harms way into a small crevasse by Tomoe, but the angel now finds herself crushed against Tomoe’s sizable bosom.

The two girls are locked in a large room that starts to fill with water pouring down from ducts high up in the wall.
While Nanael is able to fly up and escape through the water ducts, Tomoe is submerged and in danger of drowning. Loosing the last air in her lungs, the warrior priestess activates the powers locked inside her possessed katana and she uses it to destroy the walls and evacuate the water.

Nanale smothered against Tomoe her bosom

Coming to, Tomoe gasps for air only to feel a sharp blade is now at her throat, Reina has caught up with her!
When Menace appears declaring she’ll make Tomoe her next servant, the priestess tries to bring Reina back to her senses which ultimately succeeds.

Struggling to regain control over her own body against the evil spirits that roam inside her, Reina comes back to herself. But before the wandering warrior can stand alongside Tomoe against Menace, the magic wielding princess captures Tomoe and destroys the bridge Reina is standing on.

In the meantime, Setra had found and captured Shizuka, but the sly kunoichi talks herself out of the situation and learns from the living scepter that Menace was once the princess of a vast land but was betrayed by her advisers and most trusted servant.
Buried alive in the ruins of her palace, Menace was brought back from the dead, but according to Setra, she isn’t as evil as they may think.

When Shizuka and Setra arrive at Menace’s chamber, they discover that the princess has taken Tomoe prisoner.
Not allowing her beloved Tomoe to become a mindless slave, Shizuka quickly frees the priestess but true to her character makes inappropriate remarks to Menace, causing the magic wielding princess to become absolutely enraged.
Blind with Fury, Menace brings down the entire pyramid, making it crumble into a pile of rubble.

Shizuka saves Tomoe

Luckily all the girls are able to escape, including Reina and Nanael, as well as Tomoe and Shizuka.

Later we see Menace sitting on top of the rubble, speaking to Setra about what happened while she stares at the moon in the night sky, it turns out the princess is indeed not that evil.

A lot of action this week. Looks like Melona didn’t die when she fought Reina back in the first episode.
It was nice to see more of Tomoe and Shizuka again, though I also enjoyed the short team up of Nanael with Tomoe. I’m sure Nanael enjoyed it too, being squished against Tomoe’s delicious bosom must be bliss.
Why wasn’t any of the ancient trap inside abandoned ruins action in “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” more like that?

Even with all the battles in this episode, most seemed lighter in tone compared to those we saw the previous weeks.
Menace was ultimately not portrayed as an evil character, so it looks like series’ producers will not write out any characters as evil in nature as such that they oppose the main protagonists in a real battle to the death.

Since they brought back Melona I gather we will have battles which are branded as serious but in reality are just flashy action where no potential character fanbase will be alienated by having their character die on screen.

Animation was alright, but it’s clear some scenes receive better animation than others, and the action sequences still don’t reach the same level as they did in the second episode.
As for explicit nudity, I did not notice much this week. Maybe I’m just becoming immune to it as the weeks go by?

Or perhaps it’s because the ecchi, more daring scenes where of a suggestive and comedic style more to my taste, like the classic but sublime scene of Nanael being smothered against Tomoe’s bosom?
That lovely scene is sure to stay on my mind for a bit…

Next episode we’ll see a lot of new faces, with Nowa, Airi and Allean making an appearance.

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    May 1, 2009 1:34 am

    Just Finished EP5 and have to agree some scenes are better rendered than others. Also the pacing’s a bit off when in terms on how the characters run into each other. (ie Menace saving/getting Reina; Nanael running into Tomoe). Ecchiness is till high but a lot more subtle than previous eps. 😀

    As for Mellona Returning, well it’s not a surprise since if the Swamp Witch was able to resurrect a centuries old dead princess she’s more than able to bring back a slime girl ^_^.

    Allean Next week woohoo X-D

  2. May 1, 2009 8:44 am

    Indeed, forgot to mention that but it made me wonder as well, one moment Reina’s in a riverbed in one country, the next she’s taken by Menace into a pyramid in the middle of the desert.
    Plus Echidna and Listy’s location always changes unbelievably rapid too.

    But we should focus on the main event of the episode… Nanael smothered against Tomoe’s bosom…. mhhh.

  3. May 2, 2009 12:18 am

    Im not gonna read this post since i dont want to be spoilered.Got a question though: Are you watching QB raw or subbed? Im still stuck with EP 2 since i cant find any subs 😦

  4. May 2, 2009 9:17 am

    I’m watching “Queen’s Blade” raw. While my Japanese isn’t perfect yet, it’s good training to enhance listening comprehension.
    Haven’t checked for any subs for the latest episodes yet, although I see subs are out for it, I read many say it’s hard to find good ones.

  5. Baka Mazoku permalink
    May 6, 2009 10:13 pm

    I’ve been able to find subs up to episode 5 on demonoid.

  6. JKJX permalink
    June 11, 2009 10:58 am

    I SO want Reina to be my servant! Her Egyptian(Amaran?) uniform really makes her look quite hot!Why did she have to break free from Menace’s control? So cliche! and I wanted to see her mindlessly follow Menace’s every command, too…

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