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Queen’s Blade 6

May 7, 2009

When Menace destroyed the pyramid they were all in, Reina and Nanael survived only because they were dragged away by a torrent of rapid water that soared through the stone building as it was crumbling down.

Washed ashore near a large forest, Reina comes to and sees a mysterious girl in maid outfit soar through the skies.
Waking Nanael, who seemed to be having a weird dream instead of just being unconscious, Reina learns from the angel that the scythe wielding girl clad in a maid dress is Airi.

Nowa Allean and Airi appear

Raining death on entire sections of the forest with her large scythe, Airi is quickly confronted by the elf Nowa, who intends to protect the forest.

Alas Nowa is outclassed by Airi who uses her ghost minions to ensnare the young elf, pulling her close so she can press the elf’s lips against her own, sucking all vitality and power from the defenseless girl.

Reina intervenes and pushes Airi away from Nowa before the elf is completely drained. Facing a tougher opponent in the sword wielding warrior, Airi’s weakness is exposed when she momentarily looses her scythe, for her clothing and even strength seem to fade away without it.

Alas Reina makes the fatal mistake to hesitate in pressing her attack, Airi uses this chance to grab hold of her scythe and slash at the wandering warrior before escaping.
Having suffered a serious wound, Reina looses consciousness and later awakens in Nowa’s hut deep in the forest, where the young elf has tended to Reina’s wounds.

Nowa explains she’s been tasked to protect the forest and guard it from humans and other possible harm. Although she’s expressly forbidden to allow any humans in, she felt it was only right to take care of Reina who had been injured by coming to her rescue in the first place.

Hot yuri action between Nowa and Airi

But Nowa is quickly scolded when Allean appears and states there should be no exception to the rules of not allowing humans. Still, because she has saved Nowa, Allean feels it proper to thank Reina and even escort her to meet with the elder elf leader.
On the way there, Reina ponders how during the battle with Airi it looked like Nowa may not be wearing any undergarments under her short skirt. Wondering if this is typical for elves she takes a peek at Allean’s to see the warrior elf only has a few leaves covering that hence nearly bare lower area.

At the forest elf village Reina discovers an entire new world, but not all of it is beauty and serenity, as most elves seem quite disapproving of humans and even treat Nowa quite harshly.
It turns out that Nowa is actually half elf and half human, because of which she’s faced adversity all her life, the other elves shunning her, even banning her from the village with the excuse of making her the forest guardian.
However, the stern warrior elf Allean is very fond of young Nowa, having taught and nurtured her ever since she first laid eyes on the cute half elf.

The elder elves actually scheme to rid themselves of Nowa by having her participate in the Queen’s Blade tournament. Although Allean protests because she sees herself better suited to win instead of Nowa, she’s forced to concede.
Overhearing the elves, Nanael lets it slip to Reina who is angered at how Nowa is being cruelly treated, even confronting Allean about it.

Reina discovers the truth about nopan Nowa

Before Nowa can head out the next day, Reina faces the young elf and attacks her, questioning her determination and trying force her to admit her own feelings.
The wandering warrior is surprised when Nowa reveals that even though she still loves everyone at the elf village and would like to stay, she also feels she wants to undertake this journey, even it means facing danger.
Recognizing desires similar to her own in Nowa, Reina concedes and wishes the elf all the best. Given some elven medicine and other items by Allean, Nowa and Reina each set out on their journey.

But before they part ways, Reina once again wonders if Nowa is really not wearing any undergarments and is soon shocked when a gust of wind lifts up the young elf’s skirt, revealing the very naked truth.

A nice and solid episode this week, liked the introductions of Airi, Nowa and Allean. Though most time was spent on Nowa, we saw quite a bit of Airi and Allean as well.

Surprising to see this time they finally dared to have Reina suffer a significant wound while fighting, visibly bleeding profusely as well. A good evolution as long as they don’t end up overdoing it.

After watching it I noticed that even though this week again showed us quite a few scenes of Reina’s bare bosom, I hadn’t even noticed it. I gather one does become so accustomed to it that your mind doesn’t even register it nor pay attention to it anymore.
For some reason, Nowa and Allean’s more realistic breast sizes were far more appealing that Reina’s gravity defying overzealously voluptuous bosom. Surely I would have loved to trade places with Airi to let idle hands loose on them.

The whole ‘no pantsu’ humorous subplot offered me a few laughs and it’s the kind of ecchi scenes I prefer to see, meant in good humor and playing all on suggestion.

Although this episode may have wooed me largely due to the obvious implied yuri scenes when Airi sucked out Nowa an Reina’s life force by French kissing them as well as near molesting the two girls.
More of that kind of fighting with Airi and the others would be much preferred, I’m counting on you there “Queen’s Blade” for the upcoming episodes!

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    May 11, 2009 12:17 am

    Just finished watching episode 6. A bit disappointed that Allean didn’t get as much combat time as Nowa or Reina :p, but the pacing is significantly better than before. Although the episode covered alot it feels that it could be expanded upon abit further. Great Fight scene with Nowa vs Airi ^_^

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