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Queen’s Blade 7

May 14, 2009

In heaven, Nanael is brought before the head of the angels to account for trying to fabricate “Queen’s Blade” matches which all resulted in failures, like the one between Clodette and Reina.

She is lectured on the importance of the “Queen’s Blade” tournament, which is god’s way to have the strongest and most beautiful maiden rule the human world.

Clumsy Nanael stronger than she appears

Typically Nanael, she quickly loses interest and even dozes off. When she’s told she may be banned to the demon world if her behavior keeps up, the suddenly frightened angel hears she still can redeem herself.

Because god’s eye can not reach the place where the swamp witch resides, Nanael is to head there and uncover the reason why the witch has let loose three of her strongest minions, Melona, Menace and Airi.

Her fellow angel Hachi is to tag along to keep an eye on her.
When the angels arrive in the desolate, barren lands where the swamp witch resides, Nanael rushes in ahead only to be struck down by a lightning storm.

Trying to find the fallen angel, Hachi descends in between the bubbling swamp pools and is attacked by one of the monsters residing in the swamp. Submerged in one of the mud pools, she’s pulled ashore by Reina.

Instantly recognizing Reina, Hachi observes that the wandering warrior is indeed as kind as she appears and ponders what Reina is doing walking through such dangerous territory by herself.

Coming to, Nanael tries to find her way through the swamp but when she sees some frightening shadow in the clouds near the gate to the demon world, she flies off in a panic to crash land in a hot water source.
Forgetting all about her mission, Nanael sees this as a perfect chance to use the source as a hot spring and strips off to relax in the hot water.

It seems the angel is not the only one with that idea however, for she soon discovers that Melona, Menace and Airi are also using it as their own private onsen.
Eavesdropping on them, Nanael hopes to gather the intelligence she needs but the angel succumbs to the heat of the water and faints.

Just when Melona, Menace and Airi get into an argument regarding their respective breast sizes (what else are the minions of a swamp witch to do when in a hot spring?) they’re startled when Nanael’s unconscious body floats by.

Onsen face off

Before coming to, Nanael remembers parts of her childhood, how she was always falling behind and seen as different due to her right wing not being a full grown one.

Facing Melona, Menace and Airi, the angel tries to talk herself out of the situation by quite simply blurting out she’s there to spy on them and uncover the swamp witch’s motives in sending her three best warriors into action.
Unsure if they should take Nanael seriously at all, the three burst out into laughter, asking why they should even reveal such information to her at all.

Cornered, Nanael retorts that if they should reveal what the swamp witch is up to, she’ll give them the location of Reina. Since Melona, Menace and Airi each have unfinished business with the wandering warrior, they agree to the deal and tell Nanael that the swamp witch has ordered them to participate in the “Queen’s Blade” tournament.

Having to uphold her end of the bargain to reveal Reina’s whereabouts, Nanael just points Melona, Menace and Airo into a random direction and the three swiftly run off in pursuit of Reina.

When Hachi comes to pick Nanael up, she wonders how Nanael could possibly know that Reina was in the vicinity.
Because Nanael simply lied and had no idea Reina was actually really nearby, she starts feeling guilty she may have sent the wandering warrior into certain death at the hands of the swamp witch’s three minions.

Deciding to interfere even though she’s warned human matters should not be her concern, Nanael intercepts Melona, Menace and Airi before they can reach Reina. Curious about what the angel could possibly do to stop them, the three attack her and are dumbfounded when Nanael not only fends them off but quickly overpowers them, forcing them to retreat.

Back in heaven, Nanael isn’t praised for her report because all she discovered was already known.
To reflect on her behavior, Nanael is banished to the human world where she is to accompany the wandering warrior Reina along her travels all while she must guard a vial of holy milk, ensuring not a drop of the precious liquid is spilled on earth.

Clumsy as always, Nanael immediately drops the vial and rushes through the clouds to grab hold of it, ultimately crashing down on earth into none other than Reina, smothering both of them under the milk.

Nanael and Reina covered in holy milk

This episode surely featured the longest scenes with explicit nudity in the series so far, the whole set of hot spring scenes gratuitously showing us the very much naked bodies of Nanael, Melona, Menace and Airi.
So much it became almost tiresome to be honest, and detracting of what might else have been a far more comedic scene in the hot spring but due to the bare bosom frenzy it held, ended up feeling somewhat cheap.

The star of this episode beyond any doubt was Nanael, not only did we get to discover more about her past and see how she’s near banished from heaven, her character -next to Shizuka- is surely the most fun with her oddball nature which doesn’t fit at all with her being an angel.

A nice surprise though was to see that regardless of her cowardice and clumsiness, Nanael is actually a foe to be reckoned with, she easily fought off Melona, Menace and Airi all at once.
Is it just me or did her fighting scenes seem a bit of an homage to “Saint Seiya”, with the bombastic sound effects and her signature fighting moves like the ‘rolling star kick’?

While I’m still on the fence about Nanael’s illustration book and the quite obvious implicit reference in the ‘holy milk’ she must guard but always finds herself covered in, I do adore her in the anime series.
Aya Hirano does a nice job in voicing Nanael, she accentuates that playful, mischievous nature of the clumsy angel.

Can’t wait to see more of her shenanigans next week, certainly now that she’s forcibly joining Reina.

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  1. May 14, 2009 7:45 pm

    The episode was good, thanks to Hirano Aya and Nanael…but, I think the poorly drawn fanservice ruined it a little bit. Some scenes at the onsen looked very odd.

    Still, Nanael kicked butt here.!

  2. Devastator001 permalink
    May 14, 2009 11:49 pm

    It’s more of a Fanservice Episode for Nanael, Mellona, Airi and Menace Fans 😀 aside from the onsen scene it’s a good episode ^_^

  3. I love Kanu permalink
    February 7, 2010 5:49 am

    Fun episode! Nanael may have been a bit annoying at times. But she is also endearing and amazingly overpowering and strong!

    Still, I prefer characters like Leina, Echidna, Shizuka, Claudette, etc…

    Btw, Nyx appears in the ED but she doesn’t appear in this season right?

    Anyways, I love Queen’s Blade! A very fun guilty pleasure show!
    It’s a great echi show! Just like Ikki Tousen. I hate people that compare shows like this to so-called masterpiece anime shows.

    This isn’t a show that is trying to be a great story teller. It is about visuals and character interaction! Lots of sexy characters for sure!

  4. February 7, 2010 2:32 pm

    @I love Kanu
    Correct, Nyx doesn’t appear until the second season.
    True, “Queen’s Blade” never pretends to be something it isn’t, the game and anime are all about seeing shapely maidens in skimpy outfits in grand battles.

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