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Queen’s Blade 10

June 4, 2009

Spotting Listy traveling with Tomoe and Shizuka, Reina calls out and hurries towards them. Thanking Listy for all that she has previously done for her, Reina returns the coin she had received from the warrior when her journey had just begun.

Acknowledging Reina’s gratitude, Listy brushes off the significance of what she did but is shocked when Reina reveals she plans to fight her in a Queen’s Blade match.

Reina versus Listy

Realizing Reina has noble intentions but lacks resolve, Listy swiftly takes advantage of the wandering warrior being blinded by sun rays peeking through the clouds and smashes her aside as if she were a mere matchstick.

Battered, Reina has no intention to give up but is forced to admit defeat when Tomoe ends the fight, for it is clear Reina is barely able to stand.

Scolding Reina for half heartedly trying to fight Queen’s Blade matches where one’s life hangs in the line, Listy accuses her of lacking resolve, shattering the wandering warrior’s last mental strength.

When Echidna appears out of the blue saying the fight should continue, Listy tells the elf she should stick to doing her job and just grab Reina to head back to Count Vance, but Echidna is not one to follow such a boring script and prepares to fight Listy herself.

Going head to head, Echidna and Listy go all out, weapons clashing with lethal precision. Witnessing the fight, Reina’s eyes finally open to the reality of what a Queen’s Blade match really is like, a battle to the death where any hesitation will get you killed.
Seeing Reina finally realizes the error of her own half hearted approach, Listy and Echidna lower their weapons, and Listy says she’ll give Reina three days to get ready for a real fight against her before she walks off.

Echidna versus Listy

Taken into the city by Tomoe and Shizuka, Reina is visibly depressed and Tomoe tries to comfort the wandering warrior.
Making short work of Nanael, who’s being obnoxiously loud and annoying, Shizuka sends the angel off into the land of dreams with a few drops of a sleeping potion.

Lamenting her own lack of strength and resolve, Reina berates herself for wanting to fight in Queen’s Blade for such petty reasons, whereas Listy and Tomoe all have grand and more noble motivations.
In contrast, Tomoe says she doesn’t think the weight and value of their reason to fight can really be measured and that anyone’s own motivation should be reason enough for themselves.

Knowing Tomoe won’t be alone with Reina around, Shizuka heads on ahead, leaving the miko in the company of the wandering warrior and cheeky angel.

Slipping out the next morning, Reina finds Echidna and pleads with the wicked elf to train her so she can gain the necessary strength to really participate in Queen’s Blade.
Teasing the wandering warrior that she’ll accept to teach her in return for some explicit physical reimbursement, Reina turns beet red at Echidna’s naughty suggestions.

Preparing to help Reina find the necessary strength and develop her fighting skills, Echidna gathers the sap from a special tree and cooks it until it forms a hard wax that will allow the girls to right each other seriously with their sharp blades, yet keep them safe from sustaining any serious injuries.

Tomoe Nanael and Shizuka

Ordering Reina to strip, Echidna soon has the wandering warrior squealing when she starts to apply the waxy substance on her body.
In the meantime, Tomoe and Nanael who had noticed Reina was missing from her bed and went out to find her, stumble upon the scene of the naked elf and wandering warrior, unsure what to think of it.

Finally ready to begin, Echidna is dead serious and attacks Reina with clear intent to kill, her murderous aura so overwhelming Reina shakes like a leaf and even Tomoe is taken aback by the nauseating evil waves the elf emits.

Believing she received a fatal injury, Reina notices the wax protected her body, realizing it was Echidna’s sheer blood lust and killing intent that had made her knees buckle. Taking up her sword, the wandering warrior fights the elf and they literally clash weapons for the next few days, without pause or relief.

Not taking her eyes of the fighters for a mere instant, Tomoe explains to a confused Nanael how during that endless clash of blades, Reina’s true swordsmanship and fighting style has begun to surface and she’s now truly mastering her sword.
As the last day begins, Reina has become powerful enough to strike Echidna with as much energy and lethal intent as the elf herself possesses. She is ready.

Thanking Echidna for all she’s done, Reina heads off for her match with Listy, accompanied by Tomoe and Nanael.
Arriving at the agreed location, the girls spot Listy amidst the dense mists but are shocked when the warrior suddenly slumps down and falls to the ground, unconscious.
Emerging from the mists, her blade drawn, is none other than Reina’s sister Clodette, declaring she’ll now fight Reina too.

Echidna trains Reina

A decent episode with some nice action and a few scenes with good ecchi humor, though I found there were some noticeable drops in animation quality between some of the more eye candy laden scenes compared to other more plain scenes.
Even thought that the drawing style of the faces in some parts was just plain off, Reina and Tomoe’s faces quite obviously didn’t look that well drawn in several scenes.

Glad to see a more believable reason for Reina’s power up, she receives intensive training from Echidna who proves to be a formidable foe.

While the idea of the thick wax allowing them to move while still offering good protection against blade slashes was not without merit, the silliness of it and fact they used it to flaunt the characters around naked was a lesser element which we could have done without. It felt cheap whereas the scene where Echidna applies the wax on Reina was far better executed and quite hilarious.

Do like what we saw of Echidna, could never decide whether she was evil or not, but it now seems she’s a more realistically gray character, understanding what it would take for Reina to become strong and ultimately training her, yet she is not swept away by noble purposes like Listy or Tomoe.

Next week we’ll see Reina fight Clodette again, will Reina be ready to face a foe of that caliber?

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  1. June 5, 2009 1:22 am

    It was a great episode… 🙂
    With so few episodes left, I wonder about the final episode and the future of the series. I hope there is a second and improved season of Queens Blade!

    About the drop in quality, I hope they are reserving the budget for an EPIC fight in the last episode…

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