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K-ON! 10

June 7, 2009

Summer vacation has arrived and Ui goes out to town with Azusa. While chatting over lunch, a curious Ui asks Azusa what her sister and the other girls are like in the light music club.

When Azusa reveals she sees an ideal older sister in Mio but fears Ritsu is too carefree to fit that image, she’s startled when Ritsu suddenly appears behind her, having overheard the conversation.

Azusa admires Mio

Joined by Ritsu, the girls ask if Tsumugi really comes from a wealthy family as her image seems to suggest. Silly as ever, Ritsu boasts Tsumugi even has her own butler and travels abroad during summer to avoid the heat.

Because Azusa doubts these bold statements, Ritsu calls up Tsumugi’s house and is quite shocked to not only speak to the family butler but also learn from him that Tsumugi is overseas in Finland for summer vacation.

Heading back with Ui to the Hirasawa house for some watermelon, Azusa and Ritsu are greeted by the sight of Yui just lazing on the floor, unable to move from the summer heat which she doesn’t stand very well.

The next day at school, Yui and Ritsu inform their club advisor Sawako about their training camp plans, but the teacher doesn’t show much enthusiasm to accompany them so the girls head out without her.
Hearing the girls talk on how they’ll hit the beach and have a barbecue, Sawako quickly regrets her decision.

Able to use one of the Kotobuki family’s summer residences again this year, the girls are all in awe at its impressive size, and even more so when they hear it’s still not the largest one Tsumugi’s family owns.

Immediately donning their bikini’s, Yui and Ritsu plan a quick escape to go have fun on the beach. When Mio tries to stop them to get everyone to practice together, the girls retort they want to play around and have fun first.
Calling for a vote, Mio’s only support is Azusa who also wants to practice, but Tsumugi’s decisive vote to go play tips the balance in favor of beach side fun.

Fun at the beach

Approaching the beach, Azusa wonders about Tsumugi, how she has the aura of a wealthy young lady and imagines there will even being a yacht for the girls to cruise with.
When she actually spots a yacht out in sea, Azusa’s dumbfounded and doesn’t know what to think when she sees Tsumugi’s panicked call to her parents saying she doesn’t need them to pamper her with those luxuries.

While Yui and Ritsu enthusiastically play in the water, Azusa simply sits under the parasol, moping that they’re fooling around instead of practicing. Enticing Azusa to join them, the feisty twin tailed girl first acts dejectedly but soon is the one who has the most fun, causing her to get quite a tan.

Tired from playing on the beach most of the afternoon, the keion-bu girls finally head into the music room to rehearse.
Again Azusa wonders how come these girls all play so well together even though they do not seem to practice all that much.

Eventually running out of steam as their practice session goes on, it is time for dinner and the girls have a real barbecue feast.
As night falls, Tsumugi takes out some fireworks she brought along and they enjoy watching their sparkler fireworks together.

Suggesting they should have a courage test, Ritsu gets berated by Mio but is eventually able to talk Mio in to it by calling her a scaredy cat.
Walking through the nearby woods with Azusa, Mio is very frightened and nearly crushes Azusa’s that she desperately clings to, the shy bass player eventually cries out in terror when a figure approaches them in the darkness.

The keion-bu girls having a bbq

Stumbling towards Mio and Azusa is none other than Sawako who traveled out to join the keion-bu and wanted to surprise them. Alas the teacher got hopelessly lost on her way to the villa and ended up terrifying poor Mio instead of surprising the girls.

All enjoying a relaxing bath after the commotion, Ritsu is able to cheer Mio up while Yui has fun teasing Azusa who has trouble with the hot water due to her sunburns.
Not wearing her glasses in the steamy bath, Sawako says she can’t make out who’s who between Mio and Azusa so proposes she tells them apart by feeling her way on their bosoms, her attempt is quickly foiled by a strike on her head.

Tucking in, the girls are soon sound asleep but when Azusa gets up to go to the restroom, she notices light in the music room and sees Yui is still up, practicing playing her guitar.
Joining her senpai, Azusa teachers Yui how to play a challenging piece and is rewarded with a heartfelt hug.

Meeting up again with Ui when she returns from the light music club’s trip, Azusa tells her friend how she wishes they had practiced more diligently. When Ui notices her own sister didn’t come home with a tan but Azusa did, the twin tailed guitar player is forced to admit she was the one who ended up having the most fun.

Saying how she got to know the other keion-bu members a lot better, Azusa reveals that Yui surprisingly practiced a lot and enthusiastically shows a picture of the girls together, with Yui hugging Azusa tightly.
Smiling, Ui remarks that’s truly who her sister is, a warm and fluffy person.

Yui adores Azusa

A very cute episode, much like the earlier training camp beach episode, but exploring more of Azusa’s character this time, how she fits in the light music club and her view on everyone serving as a catalyst to show us more of the other girl’s character traits as well.

Though it is clear in some ways Azusa takes on part of the focus Mio had. She gets put in the spotlight in the same manner, but for slightly different characteristics and types of scenes. Yet it seems they haven’t found the perfect balance yet to split the attention between Azusa and Mio evenly.

Do like that this episode also enabled us to see more of Yui, Ritsu and Tsumugi through Azusa’s eyes, especially for Yui who gets some well deserved attention and confirmation that her silly yet warm personality is part of the reason the keion-bu is so lively.
Thanks to Yui and her fondness for Azusa, the reserved twin tailed girl is opening up and able to enjoy life and her music more.

While very funny, the joke with Sawako in the bath was rather silly since even without glasses she would be able to tell Azusa and Mio apart due to Azusa’s tan. Too bad we didn’t get to see Sawako in bikini though.

Next week trouble on the horizon! The girls will have to perform for the school festival but Yui’s guitar is in dire shape… what will they do?

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  1. June 9, 2009 8:42 am

    Ah a different perspective on what some would call a re-enactment of the previous beach episode. It really does put Yui in a better light from Azusa’s point of view. So she’s not just a Fuko clone XD

  2. June 9, 2009 10:21 pm

    It does give more depth to Yui and reminds us what a great character she is.
    I’ve read other people who thought ill of there being another beach episode again that had a lot of the same antics, but for this type of school anime it’s only normal.
    Look at a great comedy classic “Azumanga Daioh” (that quite ostensibly helped make this genre even more popular), it had three sports festival episodes and two-three holiday trip episodes since they showed all three high school years of the girls in the series run.

  3. June 14, 2009 8:27 am

    Ah there you go. Azumanga Daioh is a good example of this. On the other hand they have Lucky Star which also shows 3 years of their high school, but they don’t seem to repeat the same events. I think that also depends on the original material though.

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