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Queen’s Blade 11

June 11, 2009

Arriving first at their agreed meeting point for her match against Reina, Listy encounters Clodette instead and the two warriors engage in a Queen’s Blade battle under the watchful eye of Nanael.

Even though she’s a force to be reckoned with, Listy is soon defeated by the sheer power of Clodette’s lightning sword that rains down electric blasts, quickly incapacitating Listy.

Reina versus Clodette

Rushing to the scene, Reina and Tomoe tend to the fallen warrior’s wounds after which Reina asks the priestess to guard over Listy while she fights her older sister.

Nanael having called a Queen’s Blade match, everyone across the lands soon witnesses the intense fight, causing a worried Elina to hurry towards her sisters while Nowa, Cattleya and Ymir intently follow the clash.

Exchanging blows with Reina, Clodette remembers her childhood, how she one day released her favorite pet bird from its cage so it could roam free. When young Reina asked her why she let it go, Clodette said it could no longer live in comfort but had to fend for itself much like she herself was going to have to.

Seeing the two girls together, Count Vance declares to his favorite Reina that from that day on, Clodette would not merely be her older sister but also hers to have and command.
But to Reina, such concepts were insignificant to the fact she would always have her beloved older sister near her and she tightly hugs Clodette.

Swords fiercely clashing, Clodette knocks Reina down and grabs her in a choke hold, apparently intent on robbing the wandering warrior of her life.
Not willing to give up, Reina says she will fight on, for her journey taught her that everyone must fight for their own reason. She is nonetheless shaken when Clodette exclaims she truly hates and despises Reina for everything she went through as a child.

In awe at Reina

Recalling how she found the bird that she had originally set free at the verge of death after a mere few days, Clodette’s hopes had been crushed, thinking she could never truly be free or achieve having her own independent life.
When Reina had seen the bird, she immediately picked it up to care for it until it got better. Clodette scolded her, saying it was no use to nurture something as it would never gain true strength if it had not attained it by itself, but her younger sister did not understand.

As the sisters continue their battle, Reina firmly stands her ground against Clodette.
It is clear the chasm that separated the sisters since childhood is one of character and beliefs, Clodette believes in achieving strength only through independence while Reina believes one can gain strength through the support of everyone you meet.

It seems the warriors are evenly matched in swordsmanship but the tides are surely to turn once Clodette summons her signature lightning strikes.

Observing the battle, Cattleya explains to Ymir that Reina stands a fair chance for her sword was forged from the same metal as Clodette’s, and can hence withstand the electric discharges. Cattleya’s words come true when Reina is able to dispel the electric blasts, much to Clodette’s shock.

Launching a barrage of lightning strikes down on her opponent, Clodette is dumbfounded when Reina not only evades the attack but jumps over her.
Putting all her strength and resolve in a single strike, Reina swings her sword into Clodette, a blaze of fire erupting from its sharp tip as it strikes Clodette.

Reina gets serious

Alas, Reina’s sword is blocked by Clodette’s own broad blade and the experienced warrior knocks Reina’s weapon aside before lifting her blade high, thinking she’s won and can make a decisive strike.

A load crack resounds and Clodette can’t believe her eyes when she sees her sword shatter in pieces, having been fatally broken by Reina’s strike.
With her weapon shattered, Clodette is struck by her own lightning charge that tears up the ground below, causing her and Reina to nearly fall into a chasm.

Clodette finally remembers that the wounded bird she had given up on, had been nursed back to health by Reina to happily fly again and flutter around the two girls. When she questioned the purpose of saving it, young Clodette was struck by Reina’s bright smile.
Tightly holding onto Reina’s arm, Clodette pulls her sister up to safety even as blood flows from her own wounds. The stern and cold warrior has finally understood the power that lies in her sister’s warmth and kindness.

Arriving just as the battle has ended, Elina is ecstatic to finally see Reina again and pounces on her, causing her sister’s chest armor to come loose which only motivates the naughty blonde to lovingly fondle her sister’s exposed bosom, a sight that shocks the reserved Tomoe.

Setting forth their journey together, the girls soon arrive at the next city, but as they prepare to enter, none other than Melona appears who declares they shall all meet their end here.
Deathly ghouls start to appear, encircling them, it looks like the girls may be in a pinch!

Tomoe shocked at Elina glomping Reina

A nice episode that combined a solid battle with the character plot involving Reina and Clodette. Though some might remark it’s the third time they pick this plot up, it was well executed and came to a satisfactory conclusion for both their feud as well as their mutual bond.

Also like how they wrapped this plot up allowing the sisters to stand together from now on, as well as use this opportunity for all the characters Reina befriended to gather, making her journey the link to bind the warriors together against what looks to be their common foes, the queen and the swamp witch’s minions.
But will the queen really be their foe? And what are Melona, Airi and Menace up to?

Pleased to see they will have the girls apparently team up, sure most fans will prefer this instead of seeing them pitted against each other.

The best scene in this episode to me was Tomoe’s reaction to Elina jumping on Reina, especially the transition from super deformed face of utter shock at seeing Reina’s bare bosom to the peeved jealous look when she saw Elina fondling her older sister like that. Tomoe was priceless!

Next week the Queen’s Blade fighters face the swamp witch’s three minions, will the girls stand together to defeat their common enemy? And what is the queen going to do?
We shall see.

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    June 11, 2009 10:49 pm

    oooh can’t wait Nowa and Allyene Join the fight too 😀

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