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“K-ON!” Yui and Mio Image Song

June 17, 2009

The “K-ON!” Character Image Song CD for Hirasawa Yui was released today.

Featuring songs sung by Aki Toyosaki, who voices Yui in the anime, it’s a typical image song album like many anime series eventually see released of their more popular characters.

Yui Character Song Album

Containing six tracks, the album really only has three songs, since each one is also present on the disc as an instrumental version.

The first song ‘Guitar Ni Kubittake’ has some nice guitar riffs and tries it best at making Yui sound more like a rock girl, a nice track, much like the follow up ‘Sunday Siesta’ which is more mellow as the title suggests.

The Character Image Song album for Mio Akiyama is already available as well and is sung by Yoko Hikasa, who voices Mio.

Was more impressed with the tracks on Mio’s album than those on Yui’s album.
Perhaps because Yoko Hikasa has a better singing voice which fits both the fast paced rock tune of ‘Heart Goes Boom!’ as well as the more slow, melancholic ‘Hello Little Girl’.

Mio Character Song Album

The song ‘Let’s Go’ is found on both albums, respectively in a Yui and Mio version. Another poppy rock tune like most of the other songs, cute but not especially striking.

Most songs are rather generic and do not carry a significant impact, but they are nonetheless still quite catchy tunes that offer a good time to leisurely listen to.

Like with the OP and ED singles, the included booklets for these albums have the lyrics of each song printed inside.

To fans of “K-ON!” who like listening to tunes sung by the seiyuu who voice the light music club heroines, these Character Image Song CD’s will be a nice addition to their けいおん collection.

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