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Queen’s Blade 12 final

June 18, 2009

Although Reina and her companions have arrived at the gates of the city where Aldra occupies the throne as reigning queen, the girls are soon confronted by the swamp witch’s minions, Melona, Airi and Menace.

Reinforced by an army of ghostly ghouls, the three quickly attack. With the onslaught of wave after wave of skeleton warriors, Reina is driven back and finds herself separated from Tomoe, Elina, Listy and Clodette.

Clodette Reina and Elina

Seeking revenge for earlier defeats, Melona, Airi and Menace join forces to attack Reina, soon overpowering the wandering warrior.

But before Airi can swing down her scythe in a fatal strike, Nowa appears and saves Reina. When the ghostly maid sets her sights on Nowa and uses her ghouls to ensnare the half elf, she’s quickly knocked down by Allean who followed Nowa.

While blades continue to clash below, Nanael ponders what she should do. Although she wants to help Reina out, she knows it’ll be a bother and she might get scolded again for meddling into terrestrial affairs.

Attracted by a faraway light aimed right at her eyes, Nanael flies off to investigate who wants to catch her attention that way. Further away, on the city gates, the angel meets queen Aldra’s servant Merfa, who asks her to broadcast the battle as a Queen’s Blade fight, this being the queen’s wish.

Although she’s curious as to the queen’s motives, Nanael agrees and prepares to invoke a broadcast orb, but not before she’s knocked down by one of Merfa’s rather incredulously sized breasts.

Menace Melona and Airi

On the battlefield, Reina is delighted to see not only Nowa and Allean joined her cause, but soon Ymir and Cattleya also appear.
When Nanael activates the Queen’s Blade tournament broadcast, she introduces Reina and all her friends, the brave warriors who took up arms against the swamp witch’s evil army.

Outnumbered, the swamp witch’s three minions are driven back, especially Airi and Menace soon find themselves cornered, their desire to fight rapidly diminishing.

Melona on the other hand refuses to give up, blinded by hate and her desire to enact revenge on Reina.
Using her shape shifting skills, she assumes the form of Listy, Elina, Clodette and even Tomoe to attack Reina. When the real Tomoe comes to Reina’s aid, the miko is knocked down by the shape shifting witch, only to be saved in the nick of time by Shizuka.

Mimicking Reina’s shape, Melona attacks the wandering warrior, intent on eliminating her to prove her own superiority, but much to her won shock, she is defeated by Reina’s fiery dragon tail strike, which proves vastly more powerful than the shape shifter’s weak imitation.

No pantsu Nowa appears to Reina her delight

Unwilling to admit defeat, Melona calls upon dark magic to summon her ultimate weapon. Emerging from the river, an enormous demon appears, though appearing roughly female, the demon has snakes as hair locks, a seaborne tail section and its shield bears the image of Melona who fuses herself with it.

Lunging forth with its gargantuan sword, the demon even attacks Airi and Menace. Distressed, the two girls quickly flee.

Fearing their powers stand nothing against a foe of such size, Tomoe, Clodette and Listy soon discover that indeed all of their attacks are useless against it.

Calling out to Nanael, Reina has the cheeky angel lift her up high in the skies, allowing her to jump down on the monster. Landing square on the demon’s face, Reina summons all her powers and plants her dragon tail sword right in the demon’s left eye causing it a grievous injury.

As the monster lunges back, queen Aldra appears in the distance and uses her petrifying gaze to finish it off. Turned to stone, the demon crumbles into pieces.

Merfa knocks out Nanael by breast size

With the enemy defeated, the girls savor their victory, though Reina feels somewhat melancholic to see Nanael depart for heaven again, her assignment to accompany Reina having come to an end.
The gate to the city opens before Reina and her companions, queen Aldra welcoming them to the Queen’s Blade tournament.

A nice closing episode, it wraps most things up quite well by bringing everyone together and having Reina and her party defeat the swamp witch’s minions, Melona, Menace and Airi who are branded as the evildoers of the series.
While Airi and Menace do escape and save grace, no doubt in part to please their fanbase, Melona is less gallantly portrayed and seems to be the only character who is actually killed off.

This episode also showed us more of Merfa and Aldra even though their scenes were brief.

Too bad Echidna didn’t make an appearance in this final episode. What did strike me afterwards is that Nix didn’t seem to have appeared at all in the series, even though she is featured in the opening animation sequence.
Maybe next season then?

Yes, next season!
“Queen’s Blade” fans may rejoice, for a second season has been officially announced, the message advertising it appears at the end of this season’s final episode. Details as to when this second season will exactly air have not been revealed yet though.

Reina defeats the demon and gets glomped in reward

Final thoughts on this “Queen’s Blade” anime series?

Well it was entertaining enough to watch throughout though no doubt exists that the focus of the series was blatant -and alas cheap- fanservice by showing often copious amounts of explicit nudity through clothing malfunctions.
Surely a large part of this is to gather a certain interest and following by tapping into a viewer base that fancies such scenes.

While it ultimately ended up not bothering me since one grows accustomed to it after a few episodes, I do personally believe “Queen’s Blade” could have been much better if it had focused its fanservice on suggestive scenes in a humorous context and not let its battle scenes be mired by it.

Though I gather anyone picking up this series knows what they’re getting themselves into. Yet I cannot shake the feeling it had potential if more attention was paid to consistent animation, plot and character depth. The latter of which was still satisfactory but most of the plot was thin as air.

The animation wasn’t bad, it was usually decent to quite good in scenes that were more cared for.
Though the animation was obviously inconsistent at times and some episodes showed a clear difference in finish level. In all one could call the animation unremarkable since it averages out, this can also be said for the music, the opening and ending themes are alright as music tracks but none really excels, neither does the soundtrack.

Fans of the “Queen’s Blade” game and character artbooks will surely enjoy the series, same for those interested in fantasy type fighting series or ecchi series.

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    June 18, 2009 11:39 pm

    Nyx had a cameo scene earlier but that’s it :p (Episode 3 or 4). All in all a not bad series but not as good as others. Hopefully if they start the Rebellion line it would be more plot heavy run 😀

  2. CHMakoto permalink
    June 19, 2009 8:09 am

    Overall I think this first season turned out better than I hoped. I was afraid it would be as scattered as Ikkitousen (choose your season), but in my opinion it held together better. I’m looking forward to the next.

  3. June 19, 2009 6:59 pm

    She had a cameo? Must have missed it. >_<
    Agree with you there, while the plot was thin it was at least more linear and much clearer than the jumble that is "Ikki Tousen".

  4. June 22, 2009 4:28 pm

    I had to refrain from commenting on this before I actually finish the series myself. It’s not half bad in my opinion, the first season as they call it, deals primarily with character introduction and Reina’s journey to become the true wandering warrior. It’s got some memorable scenes for me and it’s good enough for me to look forward to the next season.

  5. xbeton0l permalink
    October 30, 2010 10:24 pm

    Nyx deserves more… man, they just don’t do enough with her! matter of fact, i think she’s got the most potential out of all the characters – a borderline favorite. however that spot is reserved by Melona. XD

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