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More “K-ON!” sketches by Gofu

July 8, 2009

Been a while since I had checked out Gofu’s website and to my joy discovered the artist recently created several new “K-ON!” sketches.

Most seem inspired on the last “K-ON!” episode that aired, which told stories of the けいおん girls that took place during winter.


Adorable sketch of the irresistibly cute Azusa, especially since she’s portrayed with such a happy-go-lucky and joyous expression.


Serious looking Mio

Nice sketch of Mio warmly tucked in her muffler, inspired from the scenes when she headed to the beach on a cold winter day seeking inspiration to write new songs for the light music club.

Melancholic Ritsu

This sketch of Ritsu is lovely, excellent composition with the side angle and her expression.

Looking over her shoulder like that, the usually energetic drummer has a whole new aura about her, certainly with that melancholic gaze.

Tsumugi looking puzzled

Tsumugi looks a bit confused in this particular sketch.

Actually, if you look at all three above images again, you may notice that Gofu used a near similar line curve to draw their mouths, more typical for the artist’s own style when rendering serious facial expressions.

Sawako with guitar

Rather like this sketch of Sawako with her Gibson Flying V guitar on her back, if not only because she has such a perky and warm expression in it.

Notice how Gofu uses the body pose and slightly tilted head, together with the raised eyebrows to convey the character’s expression and mood that way.

Really adore Gofu’s sketch art and look forward to the next sketches!

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  1. le0ne permalink
    July 8, 2009 10:52 pm

  2. July 12, 2009 5:17 am

    Oh wow, the shading on those is quite awesome 😀

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