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Cospa strikes with Mariya dakimakura

July 17, 2009

Had mentioned the Shidou Mariya hugging pillows due out by Matching World and Taki Corporation, but it seems that Cospa blindsided me and released their own hugging pillow version of the irresistible trap from the hilarious comedy “Maria†Holic”.

Cospa’s version definitely stands out against the other variations as it doesn’t feature Mariya in familiar outfits like her school uniform and has cute renditions of Mariya on both sides.

Lovely but still a trap

One side features Mariya in a gothic styled dress, complete with stockings, cat ears and cat tail while the other shows Mariya in a pink dress.

Already released in late June, the hugging pillow cover is available for purchase and in stock at HobbyLink Japan and Hobby Search.

With Mariya looking this cute and innocent, who could resist?

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