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Gofu shows Nodoka love

July 18, 2009
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Looks like artist Gofu is on a roll creating “K-ON!” art. Having recently made multiple new sketches of the けいおん girls, Gofu’s website has been updated these past days with many sketches of Manabe Nodoka.

Although she held a supporting role and didn’t appear as much as Ui or Sawako, Yui’s childhood friend Nodoka is a great character that I adore and was always glad to see her appear in a “K-ON!” episode.


During the first school festival episode, loved her appearance wearing that police hat, she looked very cute. のどか-ちゃん…

Quite happy to see an artist like Gofu create so many illustrations of her, all stunning sketch art works showcasing the bespectacled girl’s cutest features.


Remember the bento lunch scene from the first episode, with Nodoka’s near motherly concern over Yui’s well being when the oddball girl reveals that she signed up for the light music club on a whim.


Interesting that Nodoka’s care for Yui did not lead her character to be portrayed as the motherly type, but she was developed as the responsible girl who ends up working on the student council.

Over the course of the series we actually saw Tsumugi being portrayed as the more motherly type.


While Nodoka didn’t have such a content smile on her face during the time she helped fill in the けいおん girls club application form, it’s nice to see Gofu drew her with such a warm smile, showing the artist really seems to care for the character.

Wonder how many more nice “K-ON!” sketches we will see from Gofu.

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