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Aoi Hana 6

August 6, 2009

Fujigatani Girls Academy is bustling with activity as students and their families flock to the school for the elementary, middle and high school plays that are being performed today.

Walking up to the guidebook dispense counter, Akira’s family seeks to visit their daughter who is supposed to be working there but the twin tailed girl has swiftly hidden herself out of sight, feeling embarrassed at being seen meeting her family.

Akira embarrassed at her parents

Spotting Fumi and other students from Matsuoka working at the stand, Akira’s mother wonders why those girls are participating even though the aren’t from the same school.

Yoko and Miwa enthusiastically retort they are there to help their friend Akira and point towards the twin tailed girl in hiding, much to Akira’s discontent.

On the path adorned with overhanging plants blooming with dozens of blue flowers, Yasuko meets one of the children that is about to perform in the elementary school’s play of “The Little Prince”.
Smiling kindly, she consoles the crying youngster and walks her back to the theater building. When the elementary school student asks her what role she’s playing, Yasuko answers she potrays a troubled person.

It seems that not only the little girl was trying to flee though, for in the meantime, admirer after admirer drops by the theater club room with bouquets of flowers for Yasuko, much to the exasperation of the Fujigatani theater club members.

Yasuko and Fumi meet

Finding a stack of guidebooks for the elementary school’s play between their stack, Fumi rushes off to return them to the theater building where the elementary school’s play of “The Little Prince” is about to start.

Running down the path adorned with the blue flowers, she meets Yasuko half way.
Both girls smile and relish in how faith seems to have allowed them to meet there even though they’re both very busy.

Having some refreshments at Fujigatani’s cafeteria, Akira and her family talk about “Wuthering Heights“, the play the high school students will perform.

While her father and brother show little interest, Akira is surprised her mother knows the story, for she read the novel back when she was student herself.
Both women seem to have a liking for Heathcliff’s character and the sad fate of the childhood friends Heathcliff and Catherine.

Even though the elementary school’s play has begun, Fumi hasn’t joined Yoko, Miwa and Misako. Instead, the bespectacled girl has run out of the school to a flower shop, where she buys a bouquet of blue and yellow flowers to give to her beloved Yasuko after her performance.
Heading back to school, Fumi arrives in time for the next play to begin.

Meanwhile at the theater club room, Akira runs into Kou, who has come to watch the play and visit Kyouko.
Expressing her surprise at seeing him there, Kyouko observes he’s kind to visit if not only because he’s her fiancee. Knowing she’ll be rather busy cleaning up after the play, the blond girl tells Kou he mustn’t wait for her.

Akira discovers what Yasuko is like

Making final preparations while the middle school performs “Little Women”, the high school’s theater club room is in a near state of frenzy.

Her hair being done by Akari, Yasuko asks the twin tailed girl to give her an even wilder hairstyle and appearance, even though Akari objects, thinking it is wild enough already.

Not giving in, Yasuko pleads for Akari to massage her scalp. Rubbing through the tall girl’s hair, Akira is soon praised by Yasuko for calming her nerves thanks to the soothing massage.
Observing Yasuko’s behavior, Akari thinks it’s a rather dangerous situation considering she’s not Fumi.

The time for the high school theater club’s performance of “Wuthering Heights“ has finally arrived and all the spectators are soon wooed by the spectacle, especially Yasuko’s portrayal of Heathcliff proves popular.

While changing costumes behind the scenes during the final stages of the play, Yasuko asks Kyouko what she thinks of Catherine.
When the blond girl comments that Kawasaki’s performance is quite admirable, Yasuko corrects her question, clarifying she means the character Catherine. Hearing Kyouko answer that Catherine is quite selfish, Yasuko darkly replies that everyone is actually selfish, something she doesn’t like one bit.

Receiving a thunderous applause when the play concludes, the girls of Fujigatani’s theater club rejoice at their performance’s success. Wearing a bright smile on her face, Fumi rushes towards the club room with the flowers she bought for Yasuko.

Entering the club room with an impressive bouquet of flowers, the club’s adviser Kagami praises the girls on their hard work and the excellent spectacle they put on. When the teacher explicitly praises and thanks Yasuko, the tall girl turns beet red and begins to cry, much to the shock of everyone there.

From the open door, Fumi witnesses the entire scene.

Fumi discovers who Yasuko cries for

Talking later on, Yasuko regrets Fumi caught her at such a weird time and confesses that she was indeed in love before when Fumi indicates she feels more is going on.

A nice episode, loved the smaller comedy bits with Akira and her family. Lots of time was spent focusing on the play, and can’t help wonder if the choice of “Wuthering Heights“ may hold some hidden meaning referencing to the main characters’ stories.

While in part the episode may feel climactic because we finally get to see the play that the characters looked forward to and worked for, nothing earth shattering happens for most of the episode and as a whole wasn’t as meaningful as say the school festival performance of the light music club girls in “K-ON!”s last episode.

Still quite a few potent scenes, especially the last few scenes where we get the impression that while both Fumi and Yasuko mean well and hold great affection for each other, they seem to know deep down that their relationship will not last, as both their hearts are still filled with love and pain for another and not each other.

Also started to think this episode about Fumi’s hairstyle, when feeling happy and confident about her relationship with Yasuko, she wears her hair in twin braids, this is roughly the same hairstyle as her friend Akira.
Could it mean something that Fumi is adopting that same hairstyle, or is it just me imagining things? Who knows.

Curious what will happen next as we’re at the halfway mark now.

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