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Aoi Hana 7

August 13, 2009

Now that the plays held at Fujigaya are over, Akira and Kyouko are driven home by Kou, who compliments them on the “Wuthering Heights“ performance.

Hearing Kou say how impressed he was with the portrayal of Heathcliff, Kyouko cannot help but think back how some upperclassmen revealed that Yasuko was in tears when their teacher Kagami had praised her.

Fumi and Akira

Restless, Fumi thinks back on Yasuko’s revelation that she had been in love with someone before, and even though it was a one sided love, she somehow felt she was betraying Fumi that way.

The next morning, Fumi calls up Akira, who was still in bad as her school has a day off and the girls soon decide to go out together. As Akira wonders if Matsuoka is also having a day off, Fumi is forced to confess she’s skipping class.

Suggesting they go out on a date to have fun, Akira sees Fumi enthusiastically smile, bringing out a magazine with a guide for some spots to visit in the city, such as a doll exhibit and Chinatown.
The girls have a terrific time, but when Akira excuses herself for a moment when they rest at a cafe, Fumi checks her mobile phone and is somewhat let down to see she received no messages from Yasuko.

Having looked all over school to find Fumi, Yasuko wonders if the bespectacled girl has stood her up when she hears Fumi hasn’t attended class that day.

As evening draws near, Fumi’s expression darkens again and she asks Akira if she can spend the night at her place.
Understanding Fumi is unsettled and seems to seek shelter from her worries, Akira agrees but is unsure if she should ask whether Fumi has had a falling out with Yasuko or not. Deciding against asking for fear of seeing Fumi cry, Akira still feels she should say something and loudly exclaims that she doesn’t fancy crybabies.

Fumi and Akira go out on a date

Spending a fun filled evening at Akira’s house, Fumi ultimately reveals to her friend that she’s done something terrible to Yasuko.
Consoling the bespectacled girl, Akira observes that Yasuko is admired by far too many people anyway.

The next day at school, Akira finds Kyouko gazing at a painting while the girls are busy cleaning one of the school’s libary rooms. Revealing it was painted by Yasuko’s older sister, Kyouko goes on to say that Yasuko has no less than three siblings, and that the girls are famed as the four Sugimoto sisters.

Meeting with Yasuko after her upperclassman finishes basketball practice, Fumi apologizes, asking if they could get along again. Not in the mood to talk, Yasuko tells Fumi they shall go out together that coming Saturday, when she will also introduce Fumi to her family.

Waiting for Yasuko by the station, Fumi wonders why Yasuko is so late but is soon startled when the upperclassman suddenly appears before her. Apologizing for being late, Yasuko reveals traffic held her up and to Fumi’s surprise, the tall girl points her to a car waiting to take them to Yasuko’s home.

Driving out of town to a large, classic Japanese style estate, Fumi is taken aback to see that Yasuko lives in such wealth.

Yasuko outs herself

Meeting Yasuko’s family, Fumi is first introduced to the eldest daughter Shinako, the second eldest daughter Kuri and their mother. The bespectacled girl soon discovers they’re a quite lively family.
When the second eldest daughter, Kazusa joins them, Fumi observes she must be the one who was once a teacher at Fujigaya, which she had heard about from Akira.

After Kazusa says Fumi and Yasuko must be getting along well for it is rare for her younger sister to bring anyone from school home, Yasuko retorts she has something to discuss with everyone.

Not beating around the bush, Yasuko outs herself and blurts out she’s dating Fumi, much to the shock of her family. While the others are still trying to come to terms with that sudden revelation, Kuri interrogates Yasuko, asking her repeatedly if she truly loves Fumi now. After Yasuko replies that she does, Kuri’s retort that this means Yasuko must be bisexual has the youngest sister storm out in anger.

Hesitant, Fumi tries to go after Yasuko but Kuri tells the bespectacled girl to let her be, for she always acts like a spoiled princess. The other sisters observe that while Yasuko may be spoiled, Kuri is being too cruel.

Joining Yasuko in her room, Fumi reveals to her upperclassman that she too was in love before, and while it might have seemed more like a close sibling relationship, she truly loved that person, even if that other girl was probably not serious about it.

Going on to say she really does care for Yasuko, Yasuko interrupts Fumi, claiming the bespectacled girl is still hung up on Yasuko having a past love and that she only appeared at the perfect time to be a distraction for Fumi.

Overhearing Yasuko, Shinako enters the room and scolds Yasuko for her harsh words before taking Fumi along for a game of mahjong with the rest of the family.

Yasuko breaks up with Fumi

When their mother asks to bring Yasuko a meal, Kuri observes she’s spoiling Yasuko again and the sisters are surprised to see Fumi veer up, volunteering to take some food up to Yasuko’s room.
Finding her upperclassman in a pensive and depressed state, Fumi is utterly devastated when Yasuko reveals that with her own currently conflicted emotions she can’t earnestly be going out with Fumi.

Another great episode, loved not only seeing Yasuko’s faimily but also all the excellent and meaningful little details in Akira and Fumi’s actions and interaction.

Had been thinking about why Fumi wears her hair in twin braids when going out with Yasuko, while she usually leaves it flowing free most days, also when she’s with Akira.
Thought it could very well be an unconscious symbol of Fumi trying to be or become someone sle when with Yasuko. To forget about her past heartache, she somehow tries to force herself to be someone else, someone happy with Yasuko.

While Fumi’s feelings for Yasuko are no doubt genuine to an extent, it’s clear she is forcing herself to find and want love with Yasuko in order to forget the heartache she felt before.
In turn, Yasuko definitely seems to try to escape her unrequited love by desperately trying to find love and happiness with Fumi.
Her attempt must be even less convincing for her sister Kuri was quickly aware Yasuko was trying too hard, perhaps even fooling her own self.

Akira on her end is slowly growing up in how she treats Fumi and matters of love, that young, more inexperienced side of her remaining a nice contrast to the increasingly clear fact she is Fumi’s pillar of strength.

But it looks like new pain and heartache for Fumi, how will she cope with it? How will Akira react and be there for her treasured friend?

Sleepy face Akira is so incredibly cute~

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  1. insik permalink
    August 14, 2009 4:16 pm

    wwaahhh.. i love it! my day is complete.. thanks you. 😉

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