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More flower macro photos

August 23, 2009

Had already shown a few photos made of a rose in a flower arrangement, but still have these other shots of that same set that I hadn’t shared yet.

Looking at them, actually feel these shots not only turned out better, but are more interesting.


Lovely shot with as center the flower stem, adored the different colors in the flower set. Though the colors aren’t overly saturated but more subdued they created a wonderful synergy that looked enchanting through the viewfinder.

Although these were some of my first trials with the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM lens after I had initially bought it a while ago, still do like the results a lot.

As it was a flower set on a glass plate, was able to set it up with a paper background and use a tripod, remote trigger as well as the mirror lock up function to increase overall image sharpness.


With its default f/2.8 aperture, the 100mm macro lens is ideal to make photos with amazing bokeh effects, which I wanted to achieve by making this photo of the flower’s tip.

Love how the tip and middle of the petal are sharp while the nearer and further parts of the petal are blurred out.


These were really tiny so a prime target to try the macro lens on and see how well it was capable of capturing all the details.

As you can see, the lens doesn’t disappoint, as it enables you to see details one else couldn’t even spot with the naked eye.

Using the L setting on the Canon 450D, the original photo capture size is an impressive 4272×2848 pixels, alas noticed that by resizing it to say 1024×683 pixels for Flickr, a lot of the minute details that are very striking on the original size image are lost with the down-scaling.


So decided to crop out a section of the original image instead, this particular image is a 1024×683 (450×300 for the thumbnail) size crop out of the earlier image.

Otherwise untouched and unaltered, just cut out a part of the original full size image instead of scaling it down. This really shows the details such a macro lens can capture, simply incredible.


Even though they may not seem as appealing as a colorful, blooming flower, plants like these gain a whole new dimension when captured by a macro lens and combining it with a nice bokeh effect.


The set also had some orchids in it, will add those images and other photos I made of orchids later on, so hope you look forward to seeing them.

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