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Hunting for Comiket 76 books

August 24, 2009

Even though Comiket 76 was held over a week ago, Yahoo! Japan Auctions is still in a frenzy with C76 books, doujins and other goods up for auction to the highest bidder, and prices can soar quite high.

Thanks to fellow otaku icie from Hunting the Elusive who made a terrific three part Comiket 76 primer, had a good idea of which artist was going to release what type of book or other goods set at the event.


Immediately knew I had to get the C76 release of Kantoku from 5年目の放課後 (Afterschool of The 5th Year), a 60 page full color illustration book titled “5年 Memorial”.

While Kantoku’s Comiket releases are always appealing, the significantly higher page count and title suggesting this could be a book compiling Kantoku’s best work, just couldn’t miss out on this one, so immediately grabbed one of the sets on Yahoo! Japan Auction.

Although would gladly indulge myself into even more ferocious spending, did set a limited budget and decided to only pick out those releases of my favorite artists that really seemed worth it.

Am also far more interested into artbooks with a significant page count filled with full color illustrations rather than the typical doujin type releases that include a fair amount of black and white pages.


Wasn’t too sure about getting anything from Tony Taka at first, even though his release was marked as “Collect 1 T2 Art Works”, a full color compilation book with a sizable page count, the sheer onslaught of different C76 goods sets for Tony Taka in auction at staggering prices was overwhelming.

More often the auctions were for the exclusive goods like the Elwing and Xecty hugging pillow covers. While I’d love to add dakimakura covers of those lovely “Shining Wind” and “Shining Tears” maidens to my collection, the prices for these are just outrageous.

But thanks to otaku comrades kay and Merun, who pointed me to Toranoana, was able to buy Tony’s C76 “Collect 1 T2 Art Works” book there for a competitive 1260Yen.


Spotting the scans of Goto-P‘s “K-ON!” themed book “放課後フオトグラフ” which looks absolutely gorgeous, bid on an auction for it as well, though in retrospect, feel my highest bid was more than what I should have spent on it.

But it’s a “K-ON!” book, how could I resist Mio’s lovelyness?


Last but not least, saw that Mahiru Izumi released a “K-ON!” Mio centric doujin for C76.

Adore Mahiru Izumi’s style so definitely could not pass up on trying to get this book, even if most of it is likely to be a black and white doujin.
Didn’t spot all that many auctions for it so was quite happy to win one at a very moderate price.

All that is left now is hope everything goes smoothly with the deputy service I used for these purchases, Shopping Mall Japan, but am sure it will as I received good service there in the past already.

Again thanks to icie, kay and Merun for the terrific information, tips and help.

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  1. August 25, 2009 2:50 am

    Hehe, I also grabbed Kantoku’s and Goto-P’s stuff, along with several others. Looking forward to receiving them 😀

  2. August 25, 2009 12:09 pm

    Nice, did you get the book alone or the set for Kantoku (with fan and shitajiki)?
    Which other books did you get? ^^

  3. August 25, 2009 9:25 pm

    Im glad that Im resistant to this kinda Poison 😛

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