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Gofu sketches Hayate maids

August 31, 2009

Looks like sketch artist Gofu has also taken interest in Haru, the newest maid employed by Sakuya that made her first appearance a few episodes ago in “Hayate No Gotoku!!”.

The scene where she teaches Isumi how to fake a smile was priceless. ニコニココニコ… cute and hilarious!


Want to see more of Harukaze in the upcoming episodes! Well, more of her in the Haru maid persona at the very least.

From cute maid to tsundere with an ice-cold glare in a mere fraction of a nanosecond, she dons her glasses and once again becomes her true self, Harukaze Chiharu, trusted aid of Hinagiku on the Hakuou student council.


Of course, couldn’t miss a sketch of the moe Isumi in maid clothing!

Perfectly capturing Isumi’s overly serious pose, full of focus and fierce concentration, ready to make a spectacular maid spin… which alas resulted in the poor girl stepping on her own skirt and falling flat on her face.

Isumi serious pose in maid dress

But to Isumi’s credit, she did so with such flair that her moe levels never soared higher, for the priest isn’t the only one replaying that scene over and over, surely some otaku are guilty of that sin as well.

You can see even more great sketches, including some of the other “Hayate No Gotoku!!” maids like Maria and Saki, on Gofu’s homepage.

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  1. September 2, 2009 8:12 am

    These pencil sketches? They are amazing!

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