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K-ON! Official Band Yarou yo!

September 6, 2009

The latest “K-ON!” music album “けいおんオフィシャルバンドやろーよ!!(バンドスコア)” was released last week.

A double disc album accompanied by a “K-ON! Official Band Score” book, the first disc contains 29 tracks, while the second disc tops of at an impressive 80 track count, it seems more aimed at those fans who also actively play music.

K-ON Official Band Yarou yo

For those keen on an entertaining “K-ON!” music listening experience, the first disc is no doubt the most interesting as it features the long awaited five member version of the opening song “Cagayake! Girls”.

Nice surprise when listening to the song was that they not merely added in the additional guitar, but the band member introduction was completely redone and now includes Azusa too.

Next to “Cagayake! Girls”, “Don’t say lazy’” and “Fuwa Fuwa Time” also get the five member version treatment, while the other famous light music club songs “Curry nochi rice”, “Watashi no koi ha hotchkiss” and “Fudepen -ballpen-” are present in a studio mix instrumental version.

The first disc closes of with the episode introduction guitar riffs, Sawako’s three guitar sections, Azusa’s two guitar riffs and the melody from Yui’s castanet playing childhood days… うんたんうんたんうん…

Yui Azusa and Mio at the beach

Above art by Horiguchi Yukiko as seen in Megami magazine #113, found at moe.imouto.

The second disc is surely more to the liking of those playing guitar, bass, keyboard or drums. It is divided into four sections of exercises focusing on those instrument groups, all narrated together by the けいおん club adviser, Yamanaka Sawako, voiced by Sanada Asami.
It also contains instrumental versions of “Cagayake! Girls”, each time leaving out one instrument.

While I don’t play any instruments this specific “K-ON!” disc set might not have been that interesting for me, though must say that I enjoyed this “Official Band Yarou yo!” a lot, especially the first disc has some amazing music on it.

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  1. September 7, 2009 10:17 am

    “while the second disc tops of at an impressive 80 track count”
    Wow, 80 tracks. 0_0

    No wonder the file was so big. >_>

  2. September 23, 2009 1:24 pm

    I liked reading the manga more than the anime but it was still fun to watch

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