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Another Orchid

September 27, 2009
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Had already shown a few photos made of some Orchids before, still had these few to share of some Orchids in a flower arrangement set that I photographed shortly after getting the100mm macro lens for my Canon DSLR.


Gained more experience since making these but still glad with how they turned out, especially the first and third photo which have nice colors, very faithful and neither too under- or oversaturated.

Have been reading the photography guidebook “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson, found it quite interesting for an amateur like myself and helps understand some of the important basics.


The first few chapters of “Understanding Exposure” got me to practice making photos using the M (manual) mode on the Canon 450D instead of in Av (aperture priority) mode.

Still need to read the rest of the book. Alas I find that to really grasp the contents and fully remember them, need to practice most of what is explained in it or read it several times, else the knowledge from it tends to get lost in all the other information often see go by daily.


Originally made these photos using a tripod, remote trigger and mirror lock up. Shot them all with the f-stop set to f/2.8 at maximum aperture which I’m wondering doesn’t have a too shallow depth of field to really get nice and sharp image results of such flowers.

Though that f-stop setting does provide ample opportunity for some nice bokeh effects.


While I do like making shots that have a nice bokeh effect, still hard to determine when it’s advised, creating a nice atmosphere or when it’s unwarranted, like in this last image for instance.

For flowers or plants, going to try and get the whole flower sharp in focus and only blur the background out next time if I can. Or maybe just try both and see how the results compare.

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  1. September 27, 2009 7:23 pm

    Ah, these pics look pretty good ^^. Glad to see you’re playing with Manual mode more ^^. Aperture Priority is useful if you don’t have time to set your own exposure but it’s far from perfect. Even when using AV, I often find myself setting some exposure compensation anyway >_<

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