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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 2

October 1, 2009

Rain is pouring down from the dark heavens over Gainos. Unable to find any lodging to spend the night, Reina tries yet another inn, seemingly to no avail.

When the wandering warrior mentions offhand she wanted to get a good rest before the “Queen’s Blade” tournament starts, the innkeeper changes his attitude and frantically tries to clear out a room for her.


Hammering on one of the doors, the innkeeper yells at the occupant to vacate it for a Queen’s Blade participant, but the person opening the door coldly replies she too is a warrior in the tournament.

Reina is surprised to see Echidna there and the two girls soon share a meal together, courtesy of the suddenly subservient innkeeper. Though one quickly wonders what Echidna enjoys most, the free sake or making Reina blush at her implicit suggestions.

The next morning, Gainos awakens to another rainy day and as Tomoe and Shizuka loose their way among the large city’s many winding streets, the girls are soon soaked to the bone. When Tomoe starts to sneeze, Shizuka fears she may get sick and they seek shelter in a large church.

Greeted there by Melfa, the girls get a dry change of clothes into clerical garments and a hot meal.
Thanking the religious woman for her hospitality, Tomoe and Shizuka go from surprise into shock when Nanael flies into the room -knocking the ninja face first into her food- and is subsequently revered to by Melfa as the great holy angel.

Not minding one bit to be adorned with an image that doesn’t fit her cheeky personality, Nanael indulges being fawned at by Melfa and is soon fast asleep after gorging herself on the vast meal.


Hearing Melfa is participating in the tournament as well, Shizuka urges Tomoe they should head on out as it has finally stopped raining.
When the priestess ponders later that night why her ninja companion acted colder towards Melfa as soon as she heard the religious woman was a Queen’s Blade warrior, Shizuka observes that Tomoe mustn’t act too nicely or become soft on people that will eventually be her opponents.

Walking through the streets of Gainos, Nyx carries herself with a reassured aura of power, but that image shatters when she witnesses a little servant girl being yelled at in an alleyway.

Instantly thinking back of her childhood years filled with suffering while she worked as a servant for the Vance family, Nyx remembers all too well how cruel the then still small Elina was towards her.

As if those childhood memories themselves are not traumatizing enough, Nyx is even more terrorized when she sees Elina actually walking through the alleyway and shout at the servant girl. Having cowered in fear at Elina’s mere image, Nyx is harshly punished by her magical staff Funikura.

Having lured Listy out alone by ruse of a forged letter, Aldra faces off against the warrior, her magical powers quickly disabling Listy.

Odd cloaked minions appear before Tomoe, Melfa, Nyx and Elina, taking the four warriors through magical gateways to a fighting arena and volcanic battleground.


Tomoe and Melfa are shocked seeing they have to face off against each other this soon already.

Melfa quickly unleashes a series of attacks, injuring Tomoe who is unwilling to stand firm against her opponent, no doubt partly due to the embarrassing battle poses the religious woman takes on.
At the church, Nanael finds a book depicting the battle technique Melfa uses which drains additional energy from certain poses. Poses so daring Nanael first thinks she’s looking at an ero book.

Remembering Shizuka’s words, Tomoe gets a hold of herself and as Melfa launches a final assault, the miko slices back with a swift slash of her katana, defeating Melfa with a single hit.

Stepping onto the volcanic ground, Nyx spots Elina from afar and her instinctive reaction of fear and subservience cause the daughter of Count Vance much laughter. Not remembering Nyx even when the girl explains she was her servant during their childhood years, Elina acts unnervingly haughty.

Witnessing Nyx’s magical staff suddenly enveloping its own wielder and torturing her in illicit ways, Elina is unsure what to think and soon shocked to discover a radical change in Nyx’s personality.
Imbued by Funikura’s power -and perhaps personality as well- Nyx now behaves like a psychotic warrior out for blood, unleashing one assault after the other at Elina, who’s forced back under the barrage of magical attacks.

Witnessing the battles, Alda rejoices with an ominous smile on her face. Drained from all life and will, Listy slumps to the ground, defeated without the queen having even need to lay a single hit on her.


Although the episode starts off with some humor and scenes to set up the character interaction suspense between Melfa, Tomoe, Nyx and Elina for their respective battles, the real action soon starts.

Melfa was rather easily defeated though with the current episode count, I doubt they will drag out the battles but rather choose not to kill off any major characters since it seems Melfa seemed to get away rather unscathed from her defeat.
Nyx fans will surely appreciate seeing more of her, though do feel she was depicted rather psychotic during her battle with Elina, a battle that will be concluded next week.

The obviously sexually tinted poses of Melfa, the bondage and tentacle violation of Nyx by her own magical staff,… this new season of “Queen’s Blade” is as blatant and explicit as the first.

This week’s episode also shows us the opening and closing sequence.
The opening animation is reminiscent of the first season’s ending animation, depicting the girls as if they were rendered as Tiffany class window frames though I’m not sure about the “Ochinai Sora” theme by Ena just yet.

The closing animation sequence with the track “Buddy-body” sung by Rie Kugmiya, Yuko Goto and Kanae Ito, the voice actresses for Melona, Menace and Airi respectively. It has a silly tone to it that’s a welcome comic relief but is also rather sensually tinted, am not sure if it’s suitable for the full series run as closing theme.

On a final note, while her adult version is sometimes a bit too haughty to my tastes, Elina was just the cutest as a child.
She and Nyx should make up instead of fighting each other, remembering the innocence of their childhood, reconcile and become a yuri pair~ Or have I just been watching too many yuri series lately?

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    October 2, 2009 1:01 am

    It’s good they decided to keep the conflict relationship Nyx had with Elina it was shown to be like that in the Hide and Seek comics. This gives Nyx a more plausible reason why she’s put up with the staff’s abuse in exchange for it’s power to get even with ELina 😀

  2. Devastator001 permalink
    October 2, 2009 1:17 am

    Also seems like Alleyen will face off wih Echidna next week too can’t wait for the sparks to fly ^_^

  3. October 2, 2009 6:19 am

    As long as s2 keeps up with the tentacle rape, bondage, lactation and all manner of sexual deviance, I’m happy

  4. October 2, 2009 7:11 am

    I liked that added backstory for Nyx and Elina, but did they really have to deform Nyx’s face in such psychotic contortions?
    Not too sure about Allean already facing Echidna. The battle might surely be terrific but Echidna’s always been put forth as quite powerful so I fear Allean may be the one to loose the battle which would be a shame to see her go that fast.
    Lol, well to each his own. Personally all those aspects of “Queen’s Blade” are starting to weigh on me.

  5. October 7, 2009 11:14 am

    All hail to Queen’s Blade! I mean err maid uniform… I mean the story actually :3

  6. October 9, 2009 12:47 am

    Finally saw the Episode today!
    I cant wait to see the next one since I was always particullary interested in Nyx and her background.
    Im not so happy about her psychotic face though.

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