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Shin Koihime†Musou 1

October 7, 2009

Fighting the few gathered militia troops of the local lord, a large band of pillaging thugs find out the battle is far from won, quite the contrary as they are soon driven back by the incredible martial skills of Bachou and Chouhi.

Fleeing the scene, the thugs find themselves ambushed from both sides by Kouchuu and Chou’un and their desperation is complete when they discover the last escape route is blocked off by Kan’u.


That same evening, the locals feast and congratulate the alliance of female warriors for having defeated the band of thugs, especially Koumei is praised for her excellent tactical planning and foresight which allowed them to win the battle.

Engaging in a chopstick feud over the last bite from a tasty dish, Chouhi and Bachou are scolded by Koumei for displaying such bad table manners while Kouchuu’s daughter Riri is watching.

To Chouhi’s shame, Koumei later wipes her food smudged cheek clean, causing Riri to laugh and claim Rinrin looks like a child as well.
Kouchuu then scolds her daughter Riri for calling Chouhi by her real name as if she were that familiar with the girl. Chouhi quickly intervenes that she doesn’t mind if the others call her Rinrin because she considers them all to be her family.

Relaxing in a soothing bath, Bachou’s mind is still troubled, thinking of how Chouhi calls all the other girls by their real name except her. Deciding to not let that situation endure, she plans to have a personal talk with Chouhi to start calling each other by their real names.
Bachou’s firm resolution goes for naught fast when she actually runs into Chouhi and totally tenses up trying to call her Rinrin.

Bachou’s firm resolution goes for naught fast when she actually runs into Chouhi outside the baths and totally tenses up trying to call her Rinrin, to make matters worse she turns beet red when Chouhi gets closer.

Drawing a more Picasso-like picture of Chouhi, Bachou practices trying to call her Rinrin, but those attempts are as futile as before. Unbeknown to Bachou, Kouchuu’s daughter witnesses everything from the open doorway.


When Bachou uncharacteristically leaves dinner early the next evening, Kouchuu tells the other girls that Bachou seems to be acting weird, for her daughter heard Bachou speaking with a weird voice the night before.
Hearing this, Chou’un makes a naughty suggestion as to the cause, making Koumei to turn beet red, Kan’u to be speechless while Chouhi remains oblivious as to what Chou’un meant.

As the girls talk about what could be wrong with Bachou, they end up suggesting she’ is probably feeling homesick.
Heading over to Bachou’s room, Chouhi interrupts the long haired girl’s feeble attempts at practicing calling Chouhi by her real name. Although concerned with Bachou’s well-being, Chouhi’s care for her friend comes off totally opposite when the redhead says it would be better if Bachou were to return home, which Bachou misinterprets as everyone being happier if she weren’t there anymore. The girls get into a fight, ending with Bachou throwing Chouhi out of her room.

The next morning, Bachou storms out while the girls have breakfast, prompting the others to worry even more.
Asking Chouhi if she had a fight with Bachou, Kouchuu’s daughter suggests Chouhi makes up with Bachou by kissing her, for that resolved any fights her own mother and late father used to have.

Spotting Bachou resting near the river bank, Chouhi enthusiastically approaches her friend while putting on the cutest face possible, closing in to kiss her on the cheek. First leaning into the kiss and then turning away beet red after Chouhi’s lips caressed her cheek, Bachou storms off into woods.

Everyone is worried when Bachou still hasn’t returned by nightfall, little do they know the long haired brunette is knocked out unconscious, having ran head first into a tree branch. Unable to bear it any longer, Chouhi heads out in search for her missing friend.


Drifting back to conscious when she hears a voice in the distance, Bachou comes to and sees Chouhi calling out her name.
Spotting a wild boar bearing down on Chouhi, Bachou jumps in to protect her friend. To her surprise, Chouhi runs towards the wild boar, calling it Kankan and explaining it was her beloved pet when she was a child, but had to part with when he grew too large.

Convinced it is Kankan by the signature patch of white hair it used to have near its left paw, Chouhi’s face goes blank when she sees there is no white patch of hair for this boar isn’t Kankan at all! Running from the mad animal, Bachou and Chouhi make a narrow escape.

Pondering back on their adventure, Bachou suddenly notices she’s been calling Chouhi by her real name Rinrin for a while now. When Chouhi says she doesn’t mind since Bachou is one of her treasured friends, the long haired brunette couldn’t be happier.

Meeting up with the rest of the girls, Kan’u ponders why Chouhi had kept on calling Bachou by her given name instead. Revealing it was all Chou’un’s doing by tricking Chouhi, hilarity soon ensues.

Seeing Kan’u out on the balcony looking up at the bright moon sitting high in the star filled skies later that night, Chou’un hears her say it may be time to continue her voyage, to help other regions in desperate need of peace.
Chou’un offers she’ll accompany Kan’u and from the nearby room, the girls hear Chouhi mumble in her sleep that she’ll always be by their side as well.


Picking up right where “Koihime†Musou” left off, the “Shin Koihime†Musou” anime adaptation hence strays from its eroge source which is an alternate retelling of the original “Koihime†Musou” game’s story.
It is confirmed not only by this episode’s plot, but there’s also a collage of flashback scenes from the first “Koihime†Musou” during the opening animation sequence.

Do like the idea of “Shin Koihime†Musou” being a direct continuation of the original “Koihime†Musou” anime series.
Not only is it so for the story, but the overall atmosphere as well, this episode had some action but overall pulled the card of comedy.

Loved the underlying implied yuri themes which while they serve a comedic effect, they made some scenes like those between Bachou and Chouhi a total hoot. Also quite glad to see Chou’un is as sly with her tongue as ever, making nice comebacks and teasing remarks.

The opening and ending animation sequences and their accompanying tracks “Touen Ketsugi ~Touen no Chikai~ “ and “Otome Ryouran☆Battle PARTY“ are reminiscent of the first series opening and closing themes, featuring energetic tracks and chibi characters in the ending sequence animation.

Very glad to see this series back in the same style and atmosphere as the original season. Surely many may observe that if it keeps this way it’s just a silly show, filled with plain humor and with little plot or action all about that group of girls and that would be correct.
Because that’s exactly the enjoyment of a series like “Shin Koihime†Musou” brings, just relaxing and having a laugh while watching these cute girls’ silly antics.

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  1. October 8, 2009 1:54 pm

    Hmm, I have to admit, this sounds surprisingly watchable. Now I just need to actually finish the first season -_-

  2. lightningsabre permalink
    October 16, 2009 9:42 pm

    I can’t help but think the ending of the first episode was like a children’s anime with them mentioning their names… but then I realize there are some very adult situations in these sometimes ^^;; I liked it though, definitely one anime I followed. The first season was pretty much like eye candy to me XD

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