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Queen’s Blade 2nd season 3

October 8, 2009

Imbued with her magical staff Funikura’s power, Nyx aggressively attacks Elina, who tries to hold her own but quickly goes down, engulfed by flames. Remembering her being bullied as a child by the young Elina, Nyx goes near psychotic and smashes Elina’s face with her foot, relishing in getting revenge.

Coming to, Elina understands Nyx is susceptible to loose it if verbally attacked, the youngest of the Vance sisters uses Nyx’s unstable mind and makes her break down in fear, followed by blinding rage.


Disposing of her own weapon staff and berating Nyx for being worthless without Funikura, Elina tricks Nyx into setting the magical staff aside and uses that opening to get hold of the staff herself. Maiming Funikura, Elina wins the battle against a now powerless Nyx.

Having observed the battle with interest, Clodette receives her broadsword back from Cattleya, who repaired it. Even though Clodette brushes off any concern for her sisters that Cattleya attributes to her, she does wish the blacksmith good luck in finding her missing husband.

Seeking shelter from the rain, Irma pets a stray cat and reminiscences back on her youth, how the village she lived in was attacked and burned to the ground.
Looking for her brother between the burning ruins, young Irma found herself eye to eye with the attacking troops but was narrowly saved from certain death by Echidna.
Taking the little girl along, Echidna vows she will always be with her, a promise Irma feels Echidna has broken by leaving her many years later and for which she still resents the elf.

Dragging herself through the rainy streets, a battered and soaked Nyx slumps down near a dilapidated house. When a servant girl peeks out and gives the defeated warrior a loaf of bread, telling her to hang on, Nyx breaks down in tears.

In her quarters, queen Aldra turns the defeated staff Funikura to stone, the demon inside of her plotting more evil deeds.

Visiting Tomoe and Shizuka, Reina is downcast when Tomoe quickly sends her on her way, saying it wouldn’t be good for them to remain close now that they are adversaries in the Queen’s Blade competition.
Praising Tomoe for being so level-headed, Shizuka comforts the miko for she knows it must weigh on her, but the girls are soon distracted by the enticing fragrance of the cake Reina had brought them.


Visiting the city market again, Nowa looses sight of Allean and soon finds herself the target of a trio of men with lewd intentions.
Throwing the girl onto a haystack in a small side street, the men get ready to have their way with Nowa, but before they can lay a finger on the poor half elf, the men are swiftly dispatched by Echidna.

Spotting Echidna with Nowa, Allean heads over and tells Echidna to leave at once, her cold gaze towards the other elf saying much more than her brief words.

At the church, Melfa prepares to set off on a journey, seeking repentance and wisdom. Overhearing this, Nanael intervenes and slaps some sense into Melfa, telling the blonde priestess that running away will not accomplish anything.

Inspired by the angel’s words, Melfa decides to stay and work even harder than before, starting right away by asking Nanael to train alongside with her using the book filled with embarrassing poses.
Forced to join Melfa, Nanael ponders why she’s dragged into making these poses from what she describes as an ero book instead.

Queen Aldra’s minions soon appear to fetch four warriors for the next Queen’s Blade battle which takes place in a forest where Irma finds herself face to face with Echidna, while both the elves Allean and Nowa are pitted against each other.

The battle between Irma and Echidna fiercely erupts, especially with Irma’s obvious resentments towards Echidna, whom she feels abandoned her.
In contrast the fight between Allean and Nowa has a different atmosphere, while both elves also go all out, there is obvious mutual respect, Allean remembering how she taught Nowa ever since the half elf was a child.

When the four warriors run into each other among the tree tops, they overhear a booming voice and it looks like an all out brawl is to be held.


In her throne room, queen Aldra relishes in her ploy of pitting those specific warriors against each other. Approaching from the side, Aldra’s newest lieutenant appears, Listy! Clad in a unique battle garb, her brainwashed gaze looks nothing like the old Listy.

Seems like “Queen’s Blade” may use a formula of wrapping up a battle at the beginning of the episode, then showing different characters and events from their past to set up the next battle, which briefly starts to finish only in the next episode.

Noticed this week’s episode had scenes where the animation quality dropped noticeably compared to other scenes, hope that doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

The battle between Nyx and Elina unsurprisingly ended with Elina victorious, but like how the aftermath of Nyx’s defeat was shown, the poor girl being out onto the streets with nothing left.
Do hope Elina that gets crushed by one of her future opponents since her haughtiness and superiority is becoming quite annoying.

Loved the character interaction and pasts we saw for Irma and Echidna, Allean and Nowa. Can’t wait to see how the all out battle between these four goes. Adore Allean and am fond of Echidna and Irma as well, they’re all more intriguing characters to me than say… Reina or Elina.

And what evil ploy is queen Aldra up to with her newest pet, a brainwashed Listy?

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  1. October 8, 2009 11:50 pm

    All the excitement surrounding Haruhi´s upcoming movie made me forget about this…need to watch this tonight… 🙂

  2. Devastator001 permalink
    October 9, 2009 2:06 am

    Also noticed the drop in animation quality but seems like this season has a better pacing in the story 😀 From the preview it seems it’s going to be master vs master and apprentice vs apprentice 😀 can’t wait ^_^

  3. October 10, 2009 10:30 am

    Having a hard time locating sub for this one, still hasn’t shown up in mininova yet >.>;

  4. October 10, 2009 11:31 am

    Yeah, the Haruhi movie announcement created quite the buzz.
    Yes, looks like season one was just one big prologue to set up things for the tournament we get to see now.
    Yeah, I’m not even bothering with subs for Queen’s Blade, but I just watch the raw. Maybe you can try that?

  5. October 11, 2009 6:52 am

    Yeah I wondered why some of the scenes looked a little odd. So the animation quality did kick the bucket in some of the parts.

    Lol I watch Chinese subs and they seem to be a little faster than the English subs. Although for a show like this maybe subs are not necessary lol.

  6. October 11, 2009 12:48 pm

    I’m not even bothering with the subs right now, could be Queen’s Blade doesn’t get much decent subs anytime soon. Gather that most people who do watch, indeed aren’t that much into the dialogue. XD

  7. Angela permalink
    December 13, 2010 3:57 am

    do you guys know if there will be more queens blade episodes after season 2? 😦 im in love with this xD

  8. December 13, 2010 10:21 pm

    Sure, there’s the “Queen’s Blade Utsukushiki Toushi-tachi” OVA series (a single episode released directly on DVD) which so far counts 4 episodes released.


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