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Kämpfer 2

October 9, 2009

Fighting off an unknown Kämpfer that launches chain bound swords at them from afar, Akane and Natsuru are on the defensive. When a bookcase collapses after being sliced by the Schwert user’s blades and Sakura appears amidst the clearing smoke, Akane mistakes the terrified girl for their unseen assailant and fires at her.

Jumping into Akane at the last moment, Natsuru prevents the shot from being true and it barely misses Sakura by an inch. When Sakura faints and more blades strike at the blue bracelet Kämpfers, Natsuru assures Akane that Sakura isn’t the attacker.


The school bell chimes and attacks cease as suddenly as when they had begun. Heading back to her own class, Akane leaves Sakura in Natsuru’s care.
Carrying the unconscious girl on her back, Natsuru musters all the courage she has to fight the distraction of Sakura’s bosom pressed against her back and the feeling of touching the girl’s thighs.

After dropping off Sakura at the nurse’s office and heading home, Natsuru ponders with Harakiri Tora of who the mysterious Kämpfer could be, although it’s obvious it must be a student at the same school.

Glancing around at the fellow students he crosses on his way to school the next day, Natsuru’s paranoia is quickly replaced by fear when he and Akane are brought before the student council president Shizuku Sangou who questions them regarding their presence in the library earlier.

Running into Sakura, Natsuru is at a loss what to say when his friend pleads with him to arrange a meeting with the tall blue haired girl that rescued her earlier. Unsure what to do, Natsuru ends up promising Sakura that the girl will meet with her the next day after class.

When Akane asks Natsuru why he made such a promise, Natsuru in turns asks Akane if she won’t come along to his house after school. Blushing beet red, Akane’s imagination goes wild when Natsuru says she mustn’t feel reserved since there will be no one else at home so no one will be bothered even if she raises her voice or shouts.

Her nerves going on a rampage as soon as she enters Natsuru’s room, the bespectacled girl completely misinterprets Natsuru’s remark when he reassures her she mustn’t be that stiff. Edging back, Akane falls onto Natsuru’s bed, asking him to be gentle with her in a sugar sweet pleading voice.
Hearing Natsuru say he wants Akane’s help to meet with Sakura as his Kämpfer persona the next day, the bespectacled girl realizes she misunderstood it all and jumps from the bed blushing even redder than before.


Although the messengers Harakiri Tora and Seppuku Kuro Usagi support the idea of Natsuru dating Sakura in his Kämpfer form, a visibly downcast Akane suggests Natsuru should just turn down Sakura.

Meeting Sakura in the school’s greenhouse after class that next day, Natsuru is obviously nervous and not keen on following Akane’s plan to turn down Sakura.
Unsure how to act, Natsuru absent-mindedly reveals her true name to Sakura when the long haired girl introduces herself. Panicking, Natsuru is relieved when Sakura innocently observes it’s an incredible coincidence she shares the same name as a friend of hers from the boys school wing.

Heading up to the roof to watch the sun set, Sakura reveals that Natsuru has been on her mind ever since they first met and she asks if they can date each other.
Her mind going blank, Natsuru spurts inside, begging Akane who was jealously watching the whole scene unfold for advice on what to do now that Sakura has confessed her love. Ready to storm out and shoot Sakura, Akane suggests Natsuru just does as they planned and perform some silly dance to get Sakura to dislike her.

Heading back out, Natsuru is surprised to see the student council president Shizuku Sangou there who soon reveals herself as the red bracelet wearing Schwert Kämpfer that attacked Akane and Natsuru before.

When Sangou’s Messenger Kanden Yamaneko appears and the student council president reveals she received the stuffed animal from Sakura, Natsuru starts to wonder if there could be a connection.
But the Zauber Kämpfer has little time to think for she and Akane are soon pushed back by Sangou’s relentless attacks, which send them on the run through the deserted school.


Fighting Sangou with all she’s got, Akane is outclassed by the skilled Schwert user and her hope to rely on Natsuru’s Zauber powers are crushed when the red bracelet wearing Kämpfer slashes Natsuru’s fiery orb attack out of the air.
Their backs against the wall, Natsuru and Akane make a desperate final stand. With her gun wielding partner distracting the lethal student council president, Natsuru launches a fire orb against the sprinklers, activating them and pouring water over an unsuspecting Sangou.

Catching the Schwert wielder by surprise, Akane runs Sangou into the ground and pulls the trigger as she brings her gun to the student council president’s head. Both Akane and Sangou are shocked when the bullet misses because Natsuru intervened at the very last instant.

Saying one should not have any pity for adversaries, Sangou is intrigued when Natsuru reveals it’s not pity but a trade, they will spare Sangou’s life if she vows never to lay a hand on Sakura.
Although Sangou agrees, Akane yells at Natsuru to not screw around and is taken aback when an unusually dead serious Natsuru rebukes her.

Saying she will honor her end of the trade, the student council president parts ways by telling the blue bracelet Kämpfers that she still remains their enemy and that she will keep on fighting Kämpfers for she seeks to uncover the reason why they are made to fight.

Watching the student council president leave, Akane asks Natsuru why she stopped her from shooting Sangou. With a distant look, Natsuru replies she felt as if they would loose something valuable as Kämpfers if they were to take a life.

Summoned before the student council president the next day, Natsuru is utterly shocked when Sangou reveals that with the rumors of more Kämpfers appearing and the corridors alive with whispers of a mysterious blue haired beauty, there’s no choice for Natsuru but to officially enroll into the girl’s section as her female Kämpfer persona.


What a terrific episode, liked the action in it but the gender-bending comedy aspects were far more entertaining. The yuri moments between Sakura and Natsuru, Akane’s deliciously perverted fantasies going on a rampage, excellent!

Also liked how they were more explicit with, and played into the fact that Akane is totally smitten on Natsuru, from her fantasy running amok to being insanely jealous, she was hilarious at times.
Look forward to more love triangle comedy there, although more contenders may appear since Sangou seems rather taken in by Natsuru as well.

Seems like the anime will branch off from the manga with its own story and faster pace. While action will no doubt remain an important aspect, the fact Natsuru will transfer into the girl’s school section promises to deliver plenty of humor and hilarious scenes, especially with the “Maria-sama ga Miteru” parody image in the preview.

I can hardly wait until the next episode!

7 Comments leave one →
  1. October 11, 2009 3:54 am

    Akane stop overreacting at everything! :@

  2. October 11, 2009 12:46 pm

    That’s just what makes Akane so hilarious, her own inner desires (and perversions?) getting the better of her and making her react that way. Always good for laughs. ^^

  3. October 11, 2009 12:54 pm

    (>_<)hahaha, akane is just too much,hah!

  4. October 12, 2009 7:38 am

    Seeing your post here once again reminded to get my rear end together and download Kampfer.

  5. October 15, 2009 8:01 am

    So Sakura likes the feminine side of Natsuru.
    Another reason why I can’t take this series serious anymore. It’s too hilarious. lol

  6. October 15, 2009 12:39 pm

    Do watch, I recommend this series, it’s great entertainment and simply hilarious.
    Welcome to genderbending madness. XD

  7. October 20, 2009 12:49 pm

    ^^ I’m watching this one too…

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